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A Liberty Student Spotlight: Bella Grill

April 16, 2020

Sitting Down with Bella Grill – Miss Minnesota’s Outstanding Teen We sat down (and by “sat down” we mean, sat behind our computer) to talk to (and by “talk to” we mean “email”) Bella Grill, a Liberty Classical Academy sophomore who, in midst of everything else going on in our state and country right now,…

Some Easter Thoughts in the Midst of Quarantine

April 9, 2020

The Other Side of the Last Supper by Andrew Hofstetter In Mark 14 (and elsewhere in Scripture), we read about how Jesus told a couple disciples to go on ahead and find a man carrying water. This man had an upper room prepared for the Passover meal. The circumstances unfolded just as Christ had said…

Trusting God’s Sovereignty in Quarantine

April 7, 2020

Classical and Quarantined

So adding to the constant changes of our new crazy Coronavirus world, we’ve started online-schooling here at Liberty. Meanwhile, we’re still a classical academy.

Here is where I would desperately like to tell you how those two things can go perfectly together. Better discussions? More work-time? Instead of grasping at straws, I’ll just be honest. I don’t know.

Four Practical Suggestions for “Being Still” Amidst the Storm

March 31, 2020

Overwhelmed yet? You’re not the only one. With all the changes to our work-life, home-life, and, really, all of life, feelings of stress, frustration, and fear are at peak levels.

God’s Attributes: The Silver-Lining Among Stormy Clouds (and Deadly Strains)

March 23, 2020

The Time the World Stopped…and Ran Out of Toilet Paper

It’s hard to wrap your head around how much has changed and how fast.

The Arts and Education

March 5, 2020

Teaching Our Kids the Language of Beauty In education, we know that there is more to learning than grades and assignments. Our success in teaching is ultimately measured in the part we’ve played to inspire a young person to steward who God made them to be. Sometimes that happens with dates in history or algorithms.…

Parenting, Anxiety, and the Pressure to Perform

February 27, 2020

Join Us for a Conversation! Anxiety is on the rise in young people. Despite the many conveniences that have been added to our lives, perfectionism and the pressure to perform in our children is costing them something. But that doesn’t have to be the case. This Monday at Liberty Classical, our next Education in Society…

Learning to Parent

February 20, 2020

What kind of parent are you? A helicopter, hovering overhead?  A snowplow, clearing the path ahead? Do you smother them? Overwhelm them? Do you let them drink soda? Why do other kids seem respectful and well-behaved in public but yours like a pack of unkempt hyenas? Parenting is hard enough on its own. When you…

The (Possibly) Actual Story of St. Valentine

February 12, 2020

Did you know that Valentines Day was named after St. Valentine? Yeah. You probably knew that. But did you know that there are a few different candidates for who this modern holiday is named after. St. Valentine Candidate 1: The Roman Priest The story is told of Saint Valentine, a 3rd century Roman priest who…

Recess and Learning: Making Play a Priority

February 5, 2020

by Andrew Hofstetter I had a family member tell me of a predicament that her elementary-aged son got into at his public school out west. This son, who is a bit energetic, easily distracted, but often very eager to please and quite respectful, found himself in trouble on his very first day at his new…

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