History & Philosophy

The Liberty Distinction

Liberty Classical Academy, founded in 2003, was established to give families a private school option in the Twin Cities
that is as committed to academic excellence as it is to
Christ-centered living and learning.

Liberty Classical builds confident speakers, informed citizens, competent writers, moral leaders, deep thinkers, and lives that inspire.

Academic Distinction

The classical education model provides a unique opportunity for students to learn within the natural flow of child development, leveraging age and cognitive development to produce the greatest possible outcome in learning. Find out more here.

Liberty Classical is challenging, and yet it is accessible to students because of our caring community. It is rigorous and rewarding. It can be intimidating at first glance...until you find that it works alongside a student's natural development.

As students discover their ability to learn, to formulate arguments, and to find truth and live it out, they grow in their confidence. They discover that they are created with the ability to create. They take ownership of their lives and begin to lead.

Faith and Life

The context in which we learn and live is rooted in the Truth of God's Word.

And our faith does not limit the topics that our students discuss or the conclusions that they draw.

Students, because of faith, have eyes that are wide open. They can see what is true and what is not; what is good and what is not; what is beautiful and what is not.

Their eyes are open. Their minds are sharp. They are prepared for life.

Our Mission

Liberty Classical Academy will equip students of all backgrounds to grow in wisdom, excellence and purpose by offering an education based on the highest academic standards grounded in a strong classical tradition from a distinctively Christian worldview.

Ready to see who Liberty Classical really is? Grab a notebook and pen, maybe a hot cup of coffee, and learn why we love what we do at Liberty Classical Academy.