Body of Values

Our body of values are at the center of every interaction and decision at Liberty Classical Academy.

They shape our culture and give us context for learning and living. They are the standard our teachers hold for themselves and our students, guiding us as we continue building lives that inspire.

God, Family, & Country…and hope.

It can easily be dismissed as a cliché when we say that we value God,…

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Body of Values 1: Biblical Principles

Liberty Classical Academy’s Body of Values begin with Biblical Principles. Why is this one listed first? Because it encompasses ALL the values; the rest follow naturally from the standard of Biblical Principles.

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Body of Values 2: God, Family, Country

Liberty Classical Academy values and encourages love of God, Family and Country.

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Body of Values 3: Loving Relationships

Loving relationships are at the core of the Christian faith.

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Body of Values 4: Educational Excellence

At Liberty Classical Academy academic excellence refers to an intentional training of students’ minds to both think and learn on their own.

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Body of Values 5: Cultural Engagement

Cultural Engagement should be an integral part of our lives as Christ followers.

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Body of Values 6: Courageous Leadership

Liberty Classical Academy values courageous leadership as an essential element in the development of students.

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Body of Values 7: Undaunted Perseverance

Thoughts from Headmaster, Rebekah Hagstrom It is said that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Therefore undaunted…

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Liberty Classical Academy's Meaningful Purpose

Liberty classically educates children to be moral leaders who impact the culture for Christ.