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The Headmaster’s Corner 2021-22

March 21, 2022

From a Whisper to a Voice: Our First Out-of-State Fundraiser

Late February seems like a distant memory now as we complete the end of our two-week spring break. But on the 23rd of February, Liberty entered a new realm: raising funds outside of Minnesota! Very gracious Liberty grandparents hosted an event in Arizona and invited more than 80 people to their gorgeous venue, offering them delicious food and drink and a solution to our country’s problems—The Liberty Classical Academy Program.

A Word with Mr. Woernle

February 15, 2022

February 2022 Isn’t it easy to let goals or visions for the future of our families overwhelm us? Sometimes it creates anxiety just to think about it. We ponder on whether or not we can complete the goal or if our family will be where we envision it in ten years. The unknown is very…

Fathers for Liberty – the Start of Something Bigger at Liberty Classical

September 29, 2021

by: AJ Hofstetter Last Saturday was the first “Fathers for Liberty” event, held at the Bald Eagle Sportsmen Association. About 40 Liberty dads showed up, some of whom had been shooting guns their whole lives and others who were brand new to it.  On one hand, it would seem that this is just the kind…

Spiritual Formation at Liberty Classical

April 8, 2021

What It Is. What It Isn’t. And What It’s Really About. by AJ Hofstetter Perhaps you’ve seen an email come through that introduced Mr. Brent Fisher’s role at our school, as our director of Spiritual Formation. Perhaps you’ve seen some of what he’s done or heard from your students about their interactions with him and…

A Word with Mr. Woernle…

March 2, 2021

This month I wanted to begin our conversation with a question, “how do we change culture?” Many of our peers may offer suggestions like politics and other such avenues. However, I would like to offer the proposition that one does it by narrative. Narrative shapes our opinions and beliefs. My friend and author S.D. Smith says, “I sincerely believe in the power of stories to shape our affections in a way nothing else can.”

The Headmaster’s Corner

February 16, 2021

Liberty Classical Academy, now in it’s eighteenth year of operation, is often complimented for its academic, spiritual, and Biblically strong impact our students demonstrate both while at Liberty and after they graduate. While we can quantify some of this, recently a study was conducted by the Cardus Foundation (a nonprofit that studies the comparative effects of public schools and all forms of non-public schools) in conjunction with Notre Dame and the ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools—of which we are a member) which helps isolate the differences. The results were published in The Good Soil Report and distributed last year. This report is the strongest indicator yet of the powerful nature of classical Christian education across many distinct categories.

Notes from our Headmaster

January 12, 2021

Last summer, after an intense several months pivoting to online learning in the spring and immediately turning attention to fall reopening plans, our administrative staff was mentally exhausted from the constant stress. In July, I reached out to a few other school leaders regarding COVID plans, and they were feeling the same way.

Mock Trial: A Firsthand Perspective from Coach and Teacher Kathy Smith

April 4, 2019

It is a game like no other, challenging the skills and abilities that can only be honed in the heat of the trial: overcoming fears, challenging peers, and giving a feeling of victory unlike any other!

undaunted perseverance

Body of Values 7: Undaunted Perseverance

June 18, 2018

It is said that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Therefore undaunted perseverance completes our body of values that began with biblical principles.

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