Putting Pen to Paper

May 30, 2023

A Conversation with Benjamin Struck on Goals, Passion, and Risk He’s a husband and a father. He’s a Liberty Classical Academy graduate and science teacher. He’s the son of a Liberty Classical English teacher. He’s an academic and he’s a scientist, with a degree in biochemistry. But he’s not a scientist the way some people…

God, Family, & Country…and hope.

December 20, 2022

It can easily be dismissed as a cliché when we say that we value God, Family, and Country at Liberty Classical Academy. Isn’t valuing God something every religious entity would claim? Isn’t valuing family obligatory and valuing country simply a word for patriotism? In principle, these statements are all true. We are rooted in the…

A Word with Mr. Woernle

February 15, 2022

February 2022 Isn’t it easy to let goals or visions for the future of our families overwhelm us? Sometimes it creates anxiety just to think about it. We ponder on whether or not we can complete the goal or if our family will be where we envision it in ten years. The unknown is very…

A Word with Mr. Woernle…

March 2, 2021

My Thoughts on the Good Soil Report Over the past 7 months, it has been a great joy to get to know many of you and your children. As I think of the future and what our children will be facing in the days ahead, I like you want them to be equipped and prepared to…

Body of Values 7: Undaunted Perseverance

June 18, 2018

Thoughts from Headmaster, Rebekah Hagstrom It is said that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Therefore undaunted perseverance completes our body of values that began with biblical principles. Without it, our other values will fail to be fully exercised. Perseverance keeps a person on course to fulfill all God intends for their lives as they encounter roadblocks,…

Body of Values 6: Courageous Leadership

May 31, 2018

Liberty Classical Academy values courageous leadership as an essential element in the development of students.

Body of Values 5: Cultural Engagement

May 1, 2018

Cultural Engagement should be an integral part of our lives as Christ followers.

Body of Values 4: Educational Excellence

March 29, 2018

At Liberty Classical Academy academic excellence refers to an intentional training of students’ minds to both think and learn on their own.

Body of Values 3: Loving Relationships

February 22, 2018

Loving relationships are at the core of the Christian faith.

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