Integrating Faith and Learning

 Our faith is not taught alongside our curriculum.
Our faith is the framework for learning.
It is the lens through which our students see and discover.

As C.S. Lewis said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

We build students who learn how to learn and how to live.
We build people who discover their purpose and then become builders themselves.
We build lives that inspire.


Learning and Living What's True

Learning at Liberty Classical is rooted in the Christian tradition. That tradition is bigger than teaching Bible alongside our classes. It is more than a code for moral living.

The Christian faith provides context for all of learning and all of life. It is the standard for understanding what is true and good and beautiful in the world.

Because of Truth, we can access knowledge and wisdom.
Because of Truth, we can live lives that enrich culture.
Because of Truth, we can discover beauty. And we can create it.

Truth has far-reaching effects…and it impacts the lives we live.

Learning at Liberty Classical Means...

Good Thinking
The Discipline of Discovery

As people created for a purpose, students must be given the framework for good thinking. Good thinking is based in Truth and has the foundation of reason and logic. It can stand up to harsh criticism and arguments because it is rooted in wisdom.

At Liberty Classical Academy, Truth opens up possibilities and removes boundaries. It makes learning an unending journey.

Liberty students learn how to think critically.

Good Learning
The Art of Discovery

Our faith compels us to build an innovative and influential learning environment. It gives us the context and framework for learning. By offering students a chance to discover for themselves the Truth available to them, we make room for the transformation of a life.

It happens in an environment of innovation and authenticity.

Liberty students can ask hard questions, find true answers, and make right decisions.

Good Living
The Adventure

Accomplishments are of little value without character.

When Liberty Classical Academy students walk from their classical education experience and into the world, they will have been given the tools to learn and to live. They will have learned what is true, and will have uncovered it for themselves. They will have learned who they are and the part they play in the world.

Liberty students learn how to live ethically and courageously...and how to serve compassionately.

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