Middle School

Middle School at Liberty Classical

Independence Begins

Middle schoolers hunger to understand the world around them and to find their own place in it. We encourage this growing independence through classrooms that introduce analytical skills, foster responsibility, and build relationships.

Content-Rich Instruction

Middle schoolers at Liberty receive instruction in:

  • Formal Logic
  • History (6th: Medieval and American Facts & Figures; 7th: Renaissance; 8th: Modern)
  • Literature linked to historical periods
  • Science with Scientific Methodology (6th: Earth Science; 7th: Chemistry; 8th: Physics)
  • Composition, including research papers
  • Math (6th: Math 7/6 or Algebra ½; 7th: Algebra ½ or 1; 8th: Algebra 1 or Geometry)
  • Bible: World Religions and Worldviews Survey, New Testament
  • Latin
  • Drama, Fine Arts and Vocal or Instrumental Music
  • Keyboarding, Health and Physical Education
  • Study Skills

Oriented to Others

Students refine their listening, analyzing, presenting and serving skills via:

  • Literature Festival
  • Class Drama and in-class skits
  • Origin of the Earth debate and others
  • Mock trials
  • Historical figure re-enactments
  • Fossil-hunting, physics field trip to ValleyFair
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts field trip
  • Theatre field trips
  • Service opportunities, such as Feed My Starving Children, Operation Christmas Child
  • Small-group Bible studies and prayer