Tropical Field Research Trip

Costa Rica  |  JUNE 21 - JULY 1, 2024

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Liberty Classical is thrilled to be one of only a select few schools in the nation chosen to take part in Seeds of Change Tropiical Field Research program. This opportunity provides students the unique chance to gain real, field research experience in a rainforest, and it is open to all Upper School students! The trip is run through the Seeds of Change Program--and Liberty Classical Academy is one of only a few schools in the Twin Cities selected to participate. Students will practice immersive, hands-on research during their stay, and will also have the opportunity to enjoy Costa Rican culture and sightseeing while there! Our goal is to send students on this incredible trip each year so that Liberty can maintain its spot in the program for all of our students to enjoy!


Through this trip, all students will have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits from Augustana University.        



Students will gain confidence and strategies to aim high and pursue their personal interests, whether those interests are in the science field or elsewhere in life!


Students develop diversified skills and experiences that will differentiate them from their peers in their pursuit of college scholarships and in college interviews.


Trip Fee: $4350

  • November 14, 2023: Deadline to Register, $150 non-refundable fee
  • March 15, 2024: Full Trip Payment Due
  • June 21 -July 1, 2024: Costa Rica Trip

Trip Insurance PDF


  • Horseback Rides on a Volcano
  • Visit to Cacao Plantation & Chocolate Tasting
  • Work with Sea Turtle Conservationists
  • Time at the Beautiful Beaches
  • ...and More!
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| Video of Liberty's SOC Program |

"It is clear to me that any future curriculum needs to be driven by teaching students to: think for themselves, be willing to approach challenging problems, take academic risks and learn how to grow from failure…The research experience developed by Seeds of Change (SOC) is unlike anything else currently available. The focus of the program is specific to high school students, yet the creativity, demands, topics researched, and sense of accomplishment are more akin to graduate school. In short, it unleashes a student's abilities at a much younger age.  It is a new approach to high school science education. Or as their motto states: Changing the Landscape of Secondary Science Education."

- Dr. Bob Wein, Physics Teacher

"We went on many hikes in the rainforest, and went horseback riding, zip lining, and on a bat tour, too! We were able stop in the village, and experience their local grocery stores, go on a coffee plantation tour, and interact with families. We went to the ocean, and researched sea turtles and stingrays. We were able to touch them, measure them, and collect data that is used worldwide. We also observed sea life by snorkeling and enjoyed the thrilling boat rides. All of these experiences together made the trip very fun, and an enriching experience that I will never forget."

- Chanhassen Student (2018)


"Seeds of Change for Education is the ONLY program available to high school students in the United States that allows students an immersive science research experience abroad. I have been working with this program for five years, and with each student group I see enormous growth in the students' skills. Vast improvement can be seen in the following categories: academic achievement, experimental design, creativity, problem solving, Spanish speaking, cultural appreciation, and self-determination skills are all positively impacted."

- Sara Falkofske, Teacher