Annual Butter Braid Fundraiser

Liberty Parent Connect is kicking off its annual Kittelson Butter Braid fundraiser. Butter Braids are a Danish-style pastry, braided, and filled with different flavors. They come frozen; All you do is thaw and bake. They are perfect for any breakfast or holiday gathering.


Please Click Here to register and receive your own link to share with buyers to order online. This year the fundraiser is online-only, no hardcopy order forms will be used. All sales must be made via card payments.

Our Goal: Sell a total of 500 Butter Braids. All families that participate earn a non-uniform day for their students!

Butter Braid Kick-off: Friday, October 1st

Sale Ends: Friday, October 29th

Butter Braid Pick-up:  Tuesday, November 16th, at the “H” Door Ramp, 3pm - 4pm; arrangements will be made for After Care families and out of town families.


How to Sell:
  1. Create an account for your online store (see link above)
  2. Share your personal link with buyers to order online
  3. Monitor your online sales by going to your web store
  4. You will receive a printed report including all orders at delivery/pick-up
  5. All orders are picked up on November 16th as noted above. Orders are NOT shipped directly to buyers.


About Parent Connect

Parent Connect exists to involve, engage, and connect all Liberty families to the school and to one another. Any parent, grandparent, or guardian of a Liberty student may attend meetings. Profits from this fundraiser make-up a large portion of Parent Connect’s budget which is used to serve and minister to our Liberty community.


Please ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to support your child and our school by purchasing these delicious Butter Braid pastries!


Thank you!

Liberty Classical Academy Parent Connect


Annual Butter Braid Fundraiser