A Unique Academic Approach

Liberty’s students consistently achieve because our program rests on three pillars:

  • Academic Rigor
  • Classical Tradition
  • Christian Worldview

No other area school offers your child all three, perfectly balanced and working together.

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A rich, college-preparatory curriculum should be available to more than just the gifted student. Likewise, families who want Christian values shouldn’t have to sacrifice excellence.

Liberty offers a broad liberal arts curriculum, complete with math, science, humanities, world languages, fine arts, music, and athletics. Plus, we provide formal Logic, Rhetoric, and Latin.

Our graduation standards require four years of each of the core subjects: math, science with lab, history and English. No other area college-prep or public school matches this standard.

Annual standardized testing is just one of many indicators of our academic rigor. Liberty students grades K-8 take the Stanford 10 nationally standardized test, and most classes rank in the top 15% of the nation. Liberty upper school class averages on the ACT have ranged from 27.3 – 26.5, placing them in the top 13% of the nation.

[/tab] [tab]A rigorous, classical education at Liberty is not heady or dry.  This approach engages and delights students at every level, from preschool to high school.

  • Classroom approaches that complement children’s developmental stages. Learn More
  • Content that explores the wealth of human history, thought and expression. Learn More
  • Latin. Learn More
  • Learning and Leadership. Learn More

[/tab] [tab]Everyone has a worldview, a set of beliefs that answer the most important questions of life. Liberty guides students through these questions and examines the answers provided by God in His Word. Older students compare the Bible’s claims to other worldviews. This honest, guided approach allows young people to graduate knowing what they hold true, why they believe it, and how to engage others in a respectful discussion.

We’re careful to teach the Christian worldview in a nonsectarian manner, so families from many Christian traditions feel comfortable at Liberty. Learn More

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