Preschool at Liberty Classical

Nourishing Soil for Little Sprouts

Preschool at Liberty Classical Academy gets your little learner off to a strong and healthy start. We tuck intentional learning and development into every activity. Don't tell the kids. They think it's just play!

Loving - Encouraging - Stimulating

Remember the seed in the little paper cup:
first the root goes down, then the plant grows up!
- John McCutcheon, Songwriter

Learning Cleverly Disguised as Play

Your child is entering a period of incredible development, and the needs  at this stage are unique:

  • Enjoys games, stories, songs
  • Wants to touch, taste, feel, smell
  • Is imaginative, creative
  • Has a short attention span

God designed your child to learn this way, and Liberty's preschool uses His plan to your child's delight!

Teaching methods

  • Guided exploration and discovery
  • Use of tactile objects to illustrate an idea
  • Singing, reciting, coloring, drawing, painting, building
  • Lots of movement!
  • Short creative projects
  • Show and Tell
  • Drama, Hear/Read/Tell stories
  • Field trips
  • Introduction of letters, numbers, and shapes

best christian preschoolHonoring Your Trust

One brick at a time, Liberty's preschool sets the early foundation for a life of faith, virtue, and curiosity.

Though the program says "fun" to the children, we take our responsibility to parents seriously. We set clear developmental objectives so we know where we're going. We measure each child's progress so you can see results.

Now that you see the bigger picture, perhaps you're interested in details.

Visit Our Classrooms

Call our Admissions Director, Abigail Johnson, at 651-762-3652 to learn more and visit our preschool.

Or contact us using the online contact form to tour the school, meet the teachers, or observe a class in session!