Senior Thesis Nights

Andrew Grill Senior Thesis

Our seniors are beginning to see what they’re capable of.

That’s one of our biggest reasons for the senior thesis at Liberty Classical. Our students have worked hard. They’ve learned to think critically and to communicate effectively. They’ve committed themselves to excellence and have produced something that few their age can claim. 

You can read more about our senior thesis and why we do it at Liberty Classical by clicking here.

This year, as the class of 2020 winds things down, things are going to look different as they present their theses. 

No Lockdown’s Gonna Slow Us Down!

Our senior thesis night is going to look different; much like everything has looked different these past few months. Rather than gathering together at the school, we’ll be gathering together online…AGAIN.

Our seniors will be presenting their theses —and defending them — in front of their peers and members of our faculty and community on Monday, May 18th and Tuesday May 19th. 

The senior thesis is the culmination of the entire educational experience at Liberty. It’s where all of the personal, educational, and spiritual development come together. If you’ve never taken part in Senior Thesis night, we invite you to make this the year you do.

For the list of presenters and topics, as well as the details of the two-night, online event, click here.