Liberty Distinctive #4:


The Faith Filled Classroom

The classroom for Liberty students is a rigorous place where students are challenged to go beyond what they think they’re capable of. They’re equipped with common sense skills and with philosophical frameworks. They’re given tools for learning and for living. But the ultimate goal for a student’s time at Liberty reaches far past letter grades and graduation certificates. Ultimately, we want to be preparing moral leaders for tomorrow. We want to build lives that inspire.

The Essential Dynamic of a Dynamic Faith

We are building a classroom experience for students that integrates all of learning and living into a very real and experienced faith in God. What we believe to be true about Him, His Way to redemption, and His plans for His people has profound, eternal, and extraordinarily practical implications to the way we live our lives. Our best efforts to train minds and equip souls are futile if they’re detached from belief in the God who created us, redeemed us, and has a plan and desire for us. Throughout the Scriptures we see how He’s partnered with His people, and it is our job to partner with families to train our students in that way of living. It’s how we awaken them to the fullness and promise of a life lived with God.


The Essential Context for a Relevant Faith

The curriculum and classroom experiences at Liberty Classical Academy are built around the context of the Biblical narrative. The Scriptures give us a framework for understanding all available knowledge. We see God throughout history and His nature is revealed throughout creation. Consider mathematics! God created and sustains the universe using perfect math. The disciplines and equations that we study are simply how we are able to translate and then understand God’s perfect language of creation. When you consider the enormity of the cosmos and the common threads of God’s story that weaves all of history together, you can see how faith provides the context for what we learn. The more we align our academics with the Truth of God, the more we grasp the grander story that God has written.


The Results: Building Lives that Inspire

Without a framework for living and learning that’s rooted in faith, Liberty Classical Academy’s goals can never be reached. Our faith, after all, is not simply something we teach about. It’s something we teach in and from. It’s not the thing we speak of; it’s the thing that gives us our words so that we can speak at all. It’s the very thing that C.S. Lewis referenced when he said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Learning at Liberty Classical Academy will always be associated with and rooted in a real and living faith in a real and loving God. He is the framework for our classroom and the foundation for all wisdom and virtue