Preparing Them for
What's Next.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
    and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3


Welcome to the College and Career Counseling Department

At Liberty Classical Academy we partner with parents by helping students explore their natural aptitudes and interests. Ultimately, this will lead to the student gaining admission into the best-fit college or university that will nurture, grow and encourage them to achieve their aspirations for their future career path and beyond.

We spend time getting to know each individual student and identifying their strengths and God-given talents.  Each student is individually gifted by God and they are on separate paths based on those gifts.  Discovering what those paths may be is exciting and we come alongside each student to explore the many options that are available to them.

Our College and Career Counselor maintains contact with many colleges and universities across the country as well as visiting campuses throughout the year.  This enables the counselor to assist our students in understanding the application process, exploring various college options, and finding the college or university that would best align with the student’s passions and gifting.


Meet Kimberly Chirpich, Director of College & Career Counseling

Kimberly has a passion for helping walk alongside each student through the college process.  She understands this can be a time of apprehension and nervousness because this process is unknown and new to them.  She sits down with each student individually in order to understand and help them discover their natural abilities and talents. Then she and the student will explore colleges to find the best fit.  Kimberly enjoys discussing the many college and university options while assisting Liberty Classical Academy (soon-to-be) graduates uncover their passions and God-given talents.


College Trip: At any point during their upper school education, students can take part in a school-sponsored college visit to various locations around the country. This will expose students to the types of challenging and promising opportunities available to them as a student at Liberty Classical Academy. These visits often involve visiting a historically rich area (such as Washington D.C.) as well as various prominent schools in that area (such as George Washington, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, etc.).

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