A Word with Mr. Woernle

August/September 2021

Welcome back Liberty families!


It was wonderful to see everyone Monday and Tuesday. Observing the joy and happiness on the faces of both the students and their parents is what I treasure every year during the first days of school. The students are excited about renewing old relationships as well as making new ones. Days like these remind me of how the Lord has intricately designed us as humans to desire community and how powerful a community can be to strengthen and encourage our souls.


On Monday the faculty and staff began the day by praying for the students and celebrating the privilege we have to use the gifts God has given us to spark a loving for learning and for school in your children. I think James Smith said this best stating, “What if education wasn't first and foremost about what we know, but about what we love?


We all strive for the students who attend Liberty to love the educational process and to uncover the tremendous truths of their Creator which can be found all around us. We understand that all of you as parents have made an intentional commitment and sacrifice in sending your children to Liberty and we want your child to thrive.


For us, at Liberty, we see a difference between the experience we offer and other schools, as Kevin Clark and Ravi Scott Jain describe it, that "The foundational distinction between classical education and modern education is that the ancients believed that education was fundamentally about shaping loves." As your child grows in their educational journey, we want to see them take steps to continue to learn and love doing so even after they have graduated from our program. This is what will make them true leaders that will take up the mantle and lead our nation into the next decades and beyond. I am very thankful to be a part of the Liberty community and for the opportunity to serve all of you. May God bless us with another great school year!