We did it! Sort of.

We made it through the oddest of school years with all of its hurdles, missteps, and spontaneous adjustments along the way. We made it, some of us bruised and battered. Some of us numb from all the madness. We calibrated when we needed to calibrate. We upped our game and sharpened our focus. We did our best to roll with the punches while words like “global pandemic” and “economic meltdown” became part of our vernacular. We watched as our kids wore Liberty Classical Academy shirts and pink unicorn pajama pants. Some of us learned technology for the first time. Some of us still don’t know it. Many of us helped our students through discouragement, boredom, stir-craziness, and disappointment while navigating those same things ourselves.

And now, as we approach the end of the 2019-2020 school year, we want to acknowledge those worth acknowledging.

To the Parents

Let’s be honest…

We made this whole thing up as we went along. Many of us discovered through this season of our children’s schooling that we are much better at parenting than at teaching. We also discovered that we much prefer parenting over teaching. Whatever your experience has been, you made it. Well…in just about a week you did. And now you get to go back to being the parent.

We want to express a giant THANK YOU to our parents, with the understanding that words aren’t quite sufficient. Your flexibility and graciousness to us as we’ve navigated this craziness was just what we needed, and it’s exactly what we love about the Liberty Classical family. Without your support, we wouldn’t be who we are, and we know that. Thank you.

To the Teachers

And let’s be honest about one more thing…

Our teachers are spectacular. Is that the word? It seems too short or mediocre; inadequate and...meh. Times like these seem to call for the invention of a new word. Feel free to submit your ideas.

Until we come up with the word, perhaps we should inundate them with Starbucks gift cards or cash or whatever’s their thing.

A million thank-you’s would never quite suffice for the ways you’ve kept the wheels turning here. You’ve calibrated, adjusted, and done everything you could to make this different way of learning at Liberty Classical a success. For the countless hours of unexpected meetings and training, thank you. For the ways you’ve let students into your homes and into your lives, thank you. For the ways you’ve kept your students motivated and engaged, thank you. For all of it, thank you.

As we’ve tried to stay true to our mission of building lives that inspire, you’ve been the inspiration.

To the Liberty Classical Academy Class of 2020

Congratulations. You finished this leg of the journey. You put in hours upon hours of hard work. You answered the call to persevere. You overcame obstacles and pushed yourself.

No matter what 2020 could have looked like, you would have remembered this season your entire life. And now, with the way this school year and your high school education has wrapped up, you’ll undoubtedly have this rather strange ending as a part of your story. And while it would be easy to think on the pieces of your senior year that you missed out on and the things you didn’t get, consider this:

No story worth telling or hearing is without its unexpected plot twists. No worthwhile adventure is without inspiring perseverance. Where you go from here will always have this victory story in its back pocket. Just as David was able to beat the giant because he remembered beating the bear, so you are better, stronger, and more equipped for all that life will throw at you.

And while we will miss you here at school, this world is in desperate need of inspiration. Remember your time at Liberty Classical, and particularly this final season, as a part of your story that will forever make you more equipped for the life that is to come. You’ve got this.

A Final Word of Gratitude

One final word of gratitude goes out to Mrs. Rebekah Hagstrom, our founder and headmaster. Much like everyone else, the hiccups and hurdles of this season were not in your strategic vision for Liberty Classical Academy. Nonetheless, the journey continued. As you continue to lead this school with your drive for excellence, and as you build and equip your team to do the same, we thank you for your courageous leadership and undaunted perseverance. 

Congratulations Liberty Classical Academy on a year of hard work!