Why We Do What We Do: Parent Teacher Conferences

parent teacher conferences

This topic might seem a bit silly, as though Liberty Classical is somehow different when it does what every other school does. Perhaps other schools, when answering this question, would say some of the same things we’re about to say. But there are other parts of it that we want to address, so that people know exactly why we’re doing things the way we are at Liberty.

And since it’s time for conferences, now seems like the perfect time.

Education is a partnership

If you sit down and talk to our headmaster, Rebekah Hagstrom, you’ll hear about something she calls the three-legged-stool. The three pillars to a child’s development (the three legs to the stool) are the Church, the School, and the Family. Each of these are essential.

Church has a vital role in that it’s more than making sure we take our kids on Sundays. It’s about giving them the context for life and the ultimate Purpose for their existence.

School gives them the context for reason, where they can connect ideas, form opinions, and build arguments within the context of what is true.

And family is critical. From it we establish our sense of self and reality. From it we understand who we are, what role we play in the world, and what it means to be safe and seen. It’s why we’re hosting next week’s Education in Society event with Dr. Mitch Pearlstein, because education is at its strongest when family is intact and supportive. And we must do everything we can to support families.

This may seem to be going a bit deep for a conversation about conferences. Isn’t it mostly just about how spelling is going and whether your son is still biting his classmates?

Go back to that three-legged-stool. At Liberty Classical Academy, we want to partner with our families to make education something that does more than prepare kids for tests or college. We want to see them live lives that inspire others toward the same greatness we want to inspire them toward. We want to see them live in a way that is so transformative that others watch them and are infused with hope.

While many of us as parents are hoping to simply raise our kids to need only an average amount of therapy when they’re our age, we are presented with a rather unique opportunity as we support them in their pursuits at Liberty Classical. Conferences are about more than the status of homework or the need to check off some boxes of what’s expected from educators.

Conferences deepen the relationship between Liberty and parents. Conferences are a chance to bring education and family together to build lives that inspire.

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