Liberty Classical Building and Sign

By Rachel Hofstetter

As parents trying to find the right fit for our children, we are up against a ton of challenges. Whether we’re vetting their friends or balancing their technology time...whether we’re choosing the clothes they’ll wear or the school they’ll attend...we aren’t given a cheat sheet that guarantees perfection. We investigate. We study and watch. We interview. We pray.

Our Journey

When it came to school, our family has been on an interesting journey. We started our kids at a local public school. We actually found it to work just fine and had no big worries about their education. Each year came and went and nothing drastic was causing real concerns. But soon there came a slow, and then sudden, change in our family’s experience. We began to see our children struggling socially, academically and spiritually. We couldn’t deny that it wasn’t working. Our kids changed. Their language changed. Their emotions began to reflect their struggles. Their perspectives on school, friendship, and even the world around us, was changing.

We weren’t sure where to go or what to do. That a change had to happen was the only answer we did know.

It was the middle of the school year and we had some decisions to make. We could have waited until the end of the year. We could have hunkered down...struggling through and using this as a teaching experience for our kids, a chance to show them how to persevere and make the best in all of the chaos. Should we switch schools? Can we do that? Where do we go and how will we know if it’s the right move? These questions, and many more, were facing us.

But I had a problem. Every time I’d consider persevering and keeping the kids in their current situation, the words “They are kids” would come to my mind.

They are kids.

We get one chance. They need to have innocence preserved and a world that supports them. They should be free to dream and be exactly who they are, so they can focus on how to learn and how to grow. They deserve the chance to flourish...not persevere.

They are kids.

For us, that was our reason. They are kids who need us to take care of them before they have to figure out how to take care of themselves. They need us to step in on their behalf, because eventually they won’t be kids.

We found Liberty long before we enrolled our children here. We knew it to be a place that cares, not just about academics, but also about individuals...about the heart...about families and their stories. Every time we walked into the building our experience was...just that: An Experience.

The difference between the kids’ first school and Liberty Classical was something we couldn't deny. For us, it’s never been about Liberty being perfect. We didn’t need a perfect school for our daughters. We needed a school that was awake. We needed a school that would work with and for our children; that would unlock the mysteries within them and work with the way they are designed.

So why did we change schools to Liberty Classical Academy?

God. Family. Truth. Goodness. Beauty. Delight. A heart for excellence and the ability to follow through.

We chose Liberty because we have one chance with our kids.