The Scholarship Drive – For All of Us

Soon, we’ll be kicking off our annual scholarship drive. This event is growing and changing, just like Liberty is. There will be more details coming to you over the next couple of weeks, but as it approaches, we thought we’d share some thoughts about why the Liberty Scholarship drive is for everyone.

Why You Should Apply for Financial Assistance

We do the scholarship drive each year because we want this education to be available for everyone. It’s not about being exclusive. It’s about impacting our culture. If your family needs help making it happen for your family, the scholarship fund is available to you. It’s that simple.

Why You Should Take Part in the Scholarship Drive

Not every family at Liberty receives money from the scholarship, but every family at Liberty benefits from it. Our community is what it is because of the Liberty Scholarship fund. Our children’s best friends, classmates, teammates. Members of our choir. Performers on our stage. Our community is made strong by the people in it, and the scholarship drive is all about making that community all that it can be.

The Liberty Scholarship Drive - For All of Us

At Liberty Classical, we are building our community with the scholarship drive. In the next few weeks we’ll be talking more about the scholarship drive. We've invited you to our kick-off event (which will be unlike any we’ve had before). We’ll be introducing you to people who have been impacted by their own participation in the drive. We’ll be introducing you to members of our community who have directly benefited from the scholarship. And we'll definitely be asking you to take part.

It’s all because Liberty’s scholarship drive is about much more than helping families attend Liberty. When you support the Scholarship Drive, you support the mission of our school. It’s about our children’s best friends, classmates, and teammates. It’s about our community, and it’s for all of us.