The Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship Fund

Lisa Treleven

Liberty Classical Academy has announced the launch of the Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship is open to any new or currently enrolled Upper School student who embodies the values that Lisa displayed.

From the start, Lisa Treleven did all that she could to help make Liberty Classical Academy a success. Her first conversation with Rebekah Hagstrom was in May of 2003 over a cup of coffee. In that encounter, Lisa, who had a love of language and an intensity of spirit, said, “I’d love to help you with marketing. And you really need the help.”

From that day forward, she was all in. She fell in love with the vision of the school. She found an education that connected her love for Jesus with her pursuit of wisdom. And we discovered as we saw her at work that she would do absolutely anything she could to make sure Liberty accomplished its purpose. She had even personally committed to Liberty’s vision by sending her two children, Quinn and Savannah, to be among our first students.

Lisa used her gifts and passions to position this start-up classical Christian school as a voice of influence and impact. She used her passion for words and for people to capture and communicate the story of who we are. She and her husband Joe contributed time, energy, and resources with Joe’s photography, with newsletters and events, and with an endless commitment to doing only the very best.

It was 5 or 6 years of simply doing whatever was in front of her before Lisa even officially worked for Liberty as our admissions director. And then as our Admissions Director, she continued that same type of work with the same level of commitment.

It’s that ethic. It’s that passion and drive. It’s that heart that has been the driving force behind the Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship.

It’s why the scholarship exists.

Because as Lisa’s time with Liberty Classical progressed, her love for people, her contagious creativity, and her commitment to excellence left its mark on every corner of our school. And we want to do our part to keep her influence spreading.

Honoring Lisa

Though we’d all have written the story differently when it comes to Lisa’s brave battle against the sickness that attacked her, and though we’d trade a million of the anecdotes about her life for a chance to sit with her one more time, we are thankful for Lisa Treleven’s part in our story. We are thankful for the chance we had to watch her blaze new trails and be exactly who she was in our community. We are thankful for her tenacity that kept us all on our toes and committed to excellence. We are thankful for her character that committed to something that hadn’t even fully taken shape yet...that built something because it was worth building, and not because there was something to gain from it.

And we’re thankful for today, for what she left behind and for what she pushes us toward.

Lisa Treleven’s impact on our community remains in our structure, our language, and our culture. Her legacy impacts the DNA of our school. The lives she touched with her empathy, the people she impacted with her pithy, powerful words, and the strongholds she shattered with her faith are all reasons why we are here today.

This scholarship fund, which is available to any current or new Liberty Upper School student, is for the one who embodies, or is moving toward embodying, the kind of life that Lisa Treleven cared about, the life she showed us. Hers was a personal, confident faith, an insatiable love for learning, a humility to serve without recognition, and a courage to build something worth building.

Hers was a life worth watching and worth remembering. And the way we get to continue watching and remembering is by watching the Upper School students who receive this scholarship.

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