The Liberty Classical Academy Scholarship Fund

If you’re paying attention, you’ve seen a lot of information from Liberty about scholarship opportunities for the 2019-2020 school year. Some deadlines have passed. Some are coming upon us.

As this year’s scholarship drive gets closer, we wanted to ask and answer an important question:

Why Do We Do the Scholarship Drive?

Of course this question is easy to answer: So that families who otherwise couldn’t be here can attend the school. The scholarship fund makes Liberty possible, alleviating some of the burden of tuition so that our doors are open to more people. It’s pretty simple.

But the scholarship fund is more than that. It’s not just about helping people afford a school they otherwise couldn’t afford. It’s not about charity. The scholarship fund is about opportunities.

Liberty Classical Academy is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for families to see the culture in their home change and the light inside their children stay bright. It’s an opportunity for people to discover something life-giving in education. It’s an opportunity for students to ask and answer the biggest questions humanity has ever posed in a setting that is also teaching them to think for themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to view all of learning and all of life through a lens of an infinitely wise, infinitely loving God. It’s an opportunity for them to learn that God created Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and that He created us with the privilege of discovering Him for our whole lives.

Liberty Classical Academy is an opportunity. The friendships. The education. The arts. The athletics. The classical model. The community.

And it’s an opportunity we want to make available to everyone who wants it for their children.

Building Our Community

The passion you’ll see driving this year’s scholarship effort forward is held within the stories—and the passion—of Lauren Markell and Annie Granger. These two Liberty moms have taken the scholarship drive from a 5-week blitz culminating in a golf outing to a community-wide effort that ends with an event where we all celebrate together.

It’s being changed and adapted to make Liberty a possibility in more families’ stories…stories much like their own.

The Markells' Story

When the Markells' saw the spark slowly fade from their 8-year-old daughter, they knew they had to find a different, better option for her schooling. Upon discovering Liberty, they hoped it was all they’d been told. Within just a few weeks of her starting, they saw that it was. They saw their daughter’s natural love for learning and discovery return to her. She began to come alive again. They saw something they wanted everyone to experience.

The Grangers' Story

Similarly with the Grangers'. When Mike and Annie visited Liberty for the first time, a passing interaction with Kathy Smith in the hallway became the biggest factor in their decision. “We only have one chance.” Those words captured them: One chance to train our children for the world they’re going to encounter…for the world they can inspire. One chance to capture their hearts and minds.

So as we get closer to launching this year’s scholarship drive, think about our community. Think about the best things about Liberty that we want more families to experience. Think about the opportunities the school can have if more families can be part of what we're doing. Think about the students in your child’s classroom—the ones who wouldn’t have the opportunity if they didn’t have the scholarship funds. Think about your family, and what your approach will be to making our community a city on a hill.

Please join us in the conversation, and the effort, as we build our community with this year’s scholarship drive.