The Headmaster’s Corner 2021-22

November 30, 2021


The last several weeks have been a whirlwind! Could there be anything more exciting than God working the miracle of purchasing a building for Liberty Classical Academy?! As many have said, this has been a goal from the beginning and the beauty of watching God unfold his plan for Liberty’s future has been both humbling and invigorating!

After first believing we were to be over in the Lake Elmo area and pursing multiple sites around highway 36 and freeway 694, God made it clear that was not his plan.  The clarity with which God revealed this was staggering to say the least.  Every piece fell into place from a timing perspective, even the gift from an anonymous donor who upon seeing the Withrow school exclaimed, “I love the idea of more children receiving a Liberty education and this building would enable you to do that!”  Yes, it sure does!

This will be a busy season for Liberty as we launch into working with an architect to develop a long-range master plan for the building that’s there now and for all the land surrounding it.  Once we have the plan developed, we will begin the approval process with the city of Hugo which has already looked favorably upon having Liberty at the Withrow site.

By the fall, we plan to have everything in place to open our PreK-2nd grade program in the new space with room for a third section of each grade!  Yes, more children will indeed, obtain a Liberty education; thanks be to God. In this season of gratitude, please join me in thanking God for the gift of a permanent facility in a magnificent countryside setting and be praying now for the additional families who will join the Liberty community.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  Mark 10:14


September 2021

Liberty Classical Academy is home to approximately 60 new students this year! That in addition to all the new families who’ve joined us last year prompted me to provide a summary of our history and also a glimpse into our future so all our families can unite together moving forward.

It was a very humble beginning in the fall of 2003 for Liberty Classical Academy. With just 28 students combined into grades K-8 and an almost entirely volunteer though highly qualified staff, the school was small but exceeded expectations from the start. Liberty grew to 82 students by year three and needed to split into two churches in order to house the students. Though the school was growing, it was still very small but God had assured me and the rest of our team from the beginning that He planned to grow the school like an oak tree: the tap root and root structure develops first prior to seeing the leafing out of the tree on a large scale. That gave our team peace of mind not to worry about how large we were, but to focus solely on making our school the best it could be. We worked tirelessly on developing the Liberty Classical Academy program and developing the foundation of excellence upon which the school is now built.

After being housed in two locations for eight of the first eleven years the school was open, it was a tremendous gift to secure the current site within St. Pius X. The fall of 2014 was the first time it felt like a REAL school that housed a huge gymnasium with bleachers, locker rooms, a stage, etc. We were overjoyed and in our thanks to God, promised we’d never forget our humble beginnings.

After our first year at St Pius X, it finally became apparent that we were ready to focus on growth. We launched a three-year growth campaign in the fall of 2015 with a goal of 15% growth, three years in a row. We added a 52 Days of Prayer for Growth Campaign all three years and God amazed us with an average of 19% growth each year! We literally went from being a small school to a medium size school in just 3 years! While that was tremendous for the school, it also added some challenges from an administrative standpoint. After hiring a consultant, we restructured our administrative organization, hired an assistant headmaster to help me with the day-to-day operations of the school and implemented the broadened structure in the midst of COVID in July 2020!

With COVID and other cultural factors came more growth. Families were—and are—looking for a place that stays true to God, family, and country and Liberty is a safe haven in the cultural storm. Just this morning one of our new parents thanked me for this school, saying, “Liberty is a breath of fresh air!” I hear this over and over.

We are thrilled to welcome all our new families as well as our tried-and-true returning families. We look forward to the future as we seek a final destination for Liberty’s outstanding program. A place that will allow us to grow to the original goal of 800 students and will provide the space and means for a chapel, athletic fields, auditorium, environmental science space and the list goes on!

We want both new and old to join together in anticipation to see the fulfillment of the Liberty dream of our own campus and the ability to replicate our program in other places around the country. Liberty is a special place; our families are committed to excellence, their children, their faith, this country, and one another. We are blessed to have each one of you at Liberty!

The profile that measured college preparedness, for instance, demonstrated that ACCS alumni were by far the best prepared academically of all the groups; “….more than double the next highest group.”  Regarding the Conservative and Traditional profile, once again ACCS alumni were more distinct from the other schools, demonstrating they hold more strongly to, “[the] values and practices that would be considered socially conservative.” With respect to being Independent Thinkers and Influential, ACCS students once again are far away higher in those measures.  Given that debate, discussion and logic are significant components of a classical Christian education, it stands to reason they would value independent thinking since it is a natural result of respectful dialog and debate.  ACCS alumni are more influential than any other of the school categories (by the largest margin of all of the seven profiles measured). This should be taken as strong assurance that the rhetoric level program, where students are taught to evaluate information, form their opinions and learn to persuade others with respectful and reasoned arguments, are extremely effective in developing students who go on to use these skills to influence others; classical Christian alumni were hand and foot over the other school categories on measures of influence.

These four measures were grouped together to provide “World-Impact Outcomes.”  As part of the summary for these four, the report concludes, “ Their [ACCS alumni] strongest difference is in their willingness and ability to engage our culture as evidenced through their leadership positions held, greater connection with influential people and their desire and obligation to engage on social issues.  Their academic preparation exceeds even private preparatory schools, and far more ACCS alumni earn high grades and a degree in college.”

Given Liberty’s meaningful purpose is to classically educate children to be moral leaders who impact the culture for Christ, it’s readily apparent that this model will produce fruit like no other school model available.  It’s music to our ears! What a an incredible gift Liberty Classical Academy parents are giving their children—and ultimately, through their children’s influence, our culture.