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Bright LCA Students

Liberty’s Class of 2015 Scores High on the PSAT

Each year in October, Liberty sophomores and juniors take the PSAT test, a nationally standardized test designed to help students prepare for the college entrance SAT test. While most schools give the test to juniors, Liberty also gives its sophomores the test for additional practice.

The results are in

and this year, the sophomore class performed at an outstanding level! The majority of Liberty’s sophomores scored in or near the top 10th percentile, measured against juniors nationwide. In the reading and writing tests, the Liberty sophomore median score was 95th percentile (two students scored 99th in both tests!). In math, the median was 86th percentile.

“I am incredibly proud of the exceptional performance on the PSAT of this year’s sophomore class!” said Rebekah Hagstrom, Liberty headmaster.  “Their tremendous success is a tribute to the hard work they invest each day, as well as to Liberty’s amazing teachers and curriculum.”

These scores are significant for two reasons. Performance on the PSAT is a good predictor of scores on the SAT itself. Also, PSAT scores in the junior year qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship competition. Students who place in the National Merit competition are eagerly sought by colleges and universities and receive generous scholarships toward tuition and expenses.

In the past, Liberty has had two Commended Scholars and one Finalist, which are the first two levels of the competition. If this year’s results are any indication, the future is exciting indeed for Liberty and its Class of 2015!