Albert Einstein Classical Education

What do Copernicus, Martin Luther, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas, Marie Currie and Albert Einstein all have in common?

They all received a classical education.

Almost all of the world’s great authors, scientists, statesmen and politicians were classically educated. They became the dreamers who dared to be different; they were the men and women who stood up for their beliefs no matter public opinion.

Curriculum at Liberty Classical Academy follows the scholarly path of yesterday’s great leaders and provides time-honored tools of learning. Classical Education equips children for the future with what has been successful in the past. It provides a strong educational platform that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st Century.

A classical education stimulates the mind

A classical education takes a back-to-the-basics approach to curriculum. Students immerse themselves in basic subjects such as History, Science, Math, and English while also studying Logic, Rhetoric and Religion.

In addition, students learn Latin and recognize how it is interwoven into the various disciplines. Students master Latin to gain access to the wealth of vocabulary in the English language, to understand the core of the French, Spanish and Italian, and to recognize the terminology of botany, biology and the field of medicine.

Why stay through high schoolA classical education enhances analytical skills

A classical education is based on reason. It is the liberal arts curriculum required to be a literate and informed citizen. Classical education encourages the search for truth in all its complexities and mysteries. Students learn to recognize how areas of knowledge relate to one another and use this as the basis for critical thought.

A classical education offers rigorous academics

A classical education teaches children to think logically and with discernment. It offers a three stage, time-tested course of study know as the “Trivium.”  The Grammar stage of the Trivium teaches the facts and fundamentals. Children memorize the building blocks – that is, the ‘grammar’ – of each subject. The next stage, Logic, applies reason and trains students to apply the principles of logic across all disciplines. In Rhetoric, the final stage, students use the data and reasoning skills acquired previously to think, write and speak eloquently and persuasively.

July Open HouseA classical education corresponds with developmentally appropriate learning

During the elementary stage, children learn the grammar of a subject. Excited to learn new and interesting facts, students easily acquire the basic knowledge of each subject. Middle school aged children are eager to question, probe and seek the answers that the Logic component of the Trivium demands. High school students seek to communicate and express themselves with those around them. Their ability to synthesize information and create a cogent argument lends itself to successful learning in the Rhetoric phase. By taking advantage of these three stages of a child’s growth, the Trivium complements how a child naturally learns.

A classical education builds character through faith and learning

Liberty Classical Academy is a Christian school that integrates faith into the curriculum. Students read from a diversity of classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction works. Older students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints from a myriad of authors across a broad spectrum of subject areas. Students weigh differing views in light of Biblical wisdom and participate in the dialogue of our culture from a Christian perspective. Through deliberate integration of faith and learning, Liberty Classical Academy prepares children to lead with integrity and engage the culture for Christ.

Receive an empowering classical education

Liberty Classical Academy provides its students with a rigorous academic program and an enriched Christian experience. It is an education that helps students thrive. Sequential, cumulative, and powerful, a classical Christian education equips students with the tools they need for the challenges of college and beyond.

High expectations. Nurturing environment. Teaching methods that line up with how a child learns. This is what it means to be at Liberty. Find out More!