The 2021 Scholarship Drive: It’s Time to Dream Bigger

Every year at this time, our community starts getting a lot more active. Messages, emails, videos, and packets are sent out - all of them centered around our Scholarship Drive. Our Scholarship Drive is our 5-week effort every spring to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. We pull together our networks, reach out to colleagues and friends, and partner with local businesses to help Liberty Classical continue to become all that it’s capable of becoming for families and for our community. We cue up inspiring music, tell stories of great victories, celebrate work that our teachers are doing, cast vision for the places we’re going, and share and celebrate the vision that God’s given us.

This year, it’s a little bit different. 

We’re still launching our Scholarship Drive. We’re still raising funds — and hoping to raise the most we’ve ever raised! We still have series of messages, emails, and videos. Our music is still inspiring and our stories are still going to be told. We still have events and incentives and exciting things in the works. But this year, we see things differently.  

Perhaps more than ever before, we believe in what we do, in who we are, and in the God we serve.

Throughout the past year of life — with all that’s transpired locally and globally — we see with renewed vision the beautiful, life-changing, and culture-shifting work we’re doing. In all of the challenges, we fought hard to preserve the quality of a Liberty Classical education. When the pandemic shut the world down, that obviously became a much higher hill to climb, but we did our best to make it happen. When we chose to go back to meeting in-person at the beginning of the year, we made accommodations, but we were still Liberty. Last year’s scholarship efforts were our strangest — and perhaps clunkiest — yet, but we still saw generosity abound from our community. It’s been a strange year but also one that’s renewed our passion and sharpened our focus. 

So this year, we’re thinking…let’s go BIGGER. 

This year, our scholarship drive is a sort of “first” for us. Certainly we’ve done these in the past. We’ve gotten excited, built momentum, captured the heart of a Liberty education, and raised funds to make Liberty Classical all that it can be. We’ve set lofty goals and given bold challenges, and our community has continually risen to the occasion. The year 2021 is different, however, because our vision is bigger than it was before. Our mission has become more…critical. More essential. More focused. 

It’s time to DREAM BIG. 

Giving to the Scholarship Fund and actively helping us raise these funds is about more than helping families afford tuition. It does more than impact the four walls of a building. It cultivates the kind of soil that produces good fruit. The best kind; the kind this world is looking for, even if they don’t know it. It helps to build a community that will rise to occasions. It helps to build a student body that is able to speak for themselves with a quiet confidence that knows they’ve got Truth on their side — and in their hearts. It helps to breathe life into a child. That life then translates to faith, hope, and love that can change the culture in homes. It can impact neighborhoods and communities. It can build something bigger and something better than anything we’ve ever conceived of. 

As our scholarship drive kicks off this year, you can expect more fun competitions, more matching grants and last minute challenges. You can expect cute kids and inspiring music plucking at the strings of your heart. You can expect all of it and more. But beyond that, you can also expect that we’re dreaming BIGGER, believing that our best years are ahead of us at Liberty Classical Academy. 

And we’re inviting you to come along with us.


Some Things to Come!

Friday, April 9: Scholarship Drive Kickoff including in class festivities! Fundraising packets sent home with the youngest child in each family.
Every Saturday: New Raffles and Best Offers Introduced Every Saturday!
Friday, May 14: Liberty Scholarship Drive Celebration will be a community event in Downtown WBL including live music, an art walk, refreshments, and giveaways!