Making Kindergarten Count for Your Little One

On Wednesday, January 22rd, from 9:30 until 11, Liberty Classical Academy will host a Kindergarten Open House

Not All Kindergartens are Created Equal

When it’s time to choose a Kindergarten for your little one, not all Kindergartens are created equal. What’s right for one child may be wrong for another. What connects with one family may not connect with another. While one child may need more active experiences, others may thrive in quieter, more focused environments.

We encourage families to spend time investigating the options in front of them.

The glimpse into Kindergarten at Liberty Classical Academy that the upcoming Open House provides will give parents the chance to get a feel for what a Liberty Classical classroom looks like, sounds like, and feels like. It will also show families what sets classical education apart from many of the options available to them.

Ultimately, making the right choice for your child when it comes to Kindergarten is about aligning what your family values with how your child learns.

Kindergarten: A Classroom that’s Joyful and an Atmosphere that’s Engaging

Kindergarten is a critical phase in your child’s development.
It’s not about them learning so much as it is about them learning to learn. It lays the foundation for how a child learns and how he or she interacts with others. It teaches them the value and beauty of a playful, rich, and engaging learning environment.

This is why it’s so essential that you do your homework.

Before You Choose, See a Glimpse

At the Open House, parents will have a chance to meet our teachers, learning about a typical Kindergarten day at our school, and see demonstrations of classroom learning from our own Kindergartners. They’ll see the beauty of classical education at work in even our youngest learners.

The Kindergarten Open House is ultimately a chance for parents to experience Kindergarten at Liberty Classical Academy. Experiencing it, even with a glimpse at the Open House, can open your eyes to the options in front of you. It will give you insight into another option for your family, and give you a new, better standard for learning…for any student.