Being Generous...when everything in you wants to go into survival mode.

There’s this principle in relationships and in life that’s referred to as “acting in the opposite spirit.” It means that, rather than responding in kind to someone, you respond the opposite. If they’re speaking discouragement, you encourage. If they’re being negative, you speak words of life and affirmation. If they’re lazy, you work hard. If they’re being stingy, be generous. 

Sometimes this principle applies more to the culture we’re a part of than it does to the relationships we’re in. When the world around us speaks of death, speak of life. When they insult, compliment. When people around us are afraid, let’s be courageous. When a brief stop on a news channel tells us we should have no peace, let’s hold stubbornly steadfast to the truth that God is still in control. 

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, and as we continue on a path that is somehow incrementally more unprecedented with each passing day, we want to invite people — to invite everyone — to join us in what we’re doing. 

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, December 1st 

What is Giving Tuesday? 

You can read more about it here, but the summary is pretty simple: It’s a global generosity movement. It’s a day set aside for people to be intentionally generous with their time and with their resources. And it seems that there is no better year and no better time for everyone to act in the opposite spirit of the craziness around us and be intentionally generous. 

At Liberty Classical, we’re inviting people to give to the Liberty Fund on Tuesday, December 1st. 

We’re doing something truly unique in our classrooms at Liberty. We’re inviting students into conversations, experiences, and relationships that cultivate the soil of their minds and their hearts. When we say we’re “Building Lives that Inspire,” we’re not just throwing out aspirational platitudes. We’re talking about the work we’re doing day after day after day; work that will shape these students to be the morally-living, logical-thinking, clear-speaking, innovation-inspiring, hope-dripping breaths of fresh air this world desperately craves. We want to build the kinds of people whose presence in a room can be felt; that when someone interacts with a Liberty graduate, the God in them will shout for joy and the devil in them will shriek in fear. 

The work we’re doing — the lives we’re building — takes a big commitment and a lot of resources. 

And we’re asking for your generosity this year on Giving Tuesday. 

Any amount helps. 

Any gift at all, no matter the size, to the Liberty Fund helps us keep our school affordable, our teachers taken care of, and our programs effective...because we believe that we’re just getting starting on this journey of building lives that inspire. 

Join us?