Scrip Gift Card Order Forms Now Available in School Office

One of the on-going fundraisers at LCA is the Shop with Scrip Program. Parent Connect is managing the Scrip program as a means to fund beneficial projects at the school. When you purchase a “scrip” card, you are purchasing a negotiable gift certificate and prepaid card that is used just like cash. You don't have to use a physical gift card either. You can go to, set up an account using our unique identifier B24BBED217353, and receive E-cards or Reload-Now cards to print out or on your mobile phone.

LCA buys the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells them to you for full face value. The scrip card is purchased upfront, so the participating retailer will offer a substantial discount — anywhere from 2% to 15% — that benefits LCA. Because you can use these cards to make your regular household purchases, this is an easy, popular fundraising opportunity for the school.

By just purchasing your weekly groceries and gasoline, you could easily raise $200 during a year for LCA projects. By utilizing the Scrip program, we improve our children’s school experience with the little extras that are not part of the general operating budget.

Some of the Parent Connect projects have included replacing the water fountains in the school, putting on community events like Turkey Bingo, providing the catered meals for the Teacher conferences and helping to provide a new Leo the Lion mascot costume, to name a few.