Radio Show and Podcast Education America Launches

Five years ago, Liberty’s own radio show and podcast, Education Nation, was launched. Liberty was in its thirteenth year and only its second year at St Pius X. At the time, St. Pius easily held all the students, and the 52 Days of Prayer for Growth Campaign had just gone into full swing. That December, our marketing director suggested in a meeting, “I think you should do a radio show, Rebekah.”


What??! Did I hear her correctly? I honestly couldn’t imagine anything less practical at the time. We were heavily into implementing the beginning of our growth campaign and hosting a radio show seemed like a waste of critical resources and time. But we all know God works in mysterious ways.


After being persuaded by the team of the importance of leveraging my education knowledge and passion for classical Christian education along with my fire in the belly exasperation about Common Core, Ed Tech, and the like, I was convinced that it would expand awareness about the importance of K-12 education and I reluctantly agreed to try a weekly, 30-minute show for three months. Our own Sam Hegseth provided much needed peace of mind, having worked within the radio industry during her time out east. Thus began the journey to where we are today.

Initially, the show aired on KLBB, a small station in Stillwater, MN. After two years, however, the station shut down and Education Nation moved to AM1280 The Patriot in Eagan, MN. Now, with the current, cultural climate in our country calling even more attention to the critical nature of education, our executive team and Board agree that it’s time to relaunch Education Nation on a broader scale to extend the reach and influence of the show’s extremely important message: the current status quo in American education is in dire need of restoration.

To reach a broader audience, we are rebranding the show as Education America: Save the Classroom, Save the Country. We are expanding our website, providing resources such as book and article recommendations and links to helpful websites, as well as links to more than 250 of our former podcasts. We will add content and recommendations from guests and topics as we cover them. We also seek to provide an opportunity for people to write in questions and topics to be covered.

This past year has seen heightened emotions and political divides across America. Critical Race Theory, Education Technology and Comprehensive Sex Education dominate education. With COVID leading to most public schools in Minnesota meeting either in hybrid or distance, we’ve seen the education achievement gap grow even larger. If there’s ever been a time to help families realize there is a better way forward, now is the time. Education America exists to alert individuals to the lack of academic depth, politically motivated curriculum and policies, and the intentional undermining of our nation’s founding so that an informed citizenry can bring about the change we need in American education.

We want to alert parents to what is happening in education so they can research and get involved in their children’s education, while highlighting the outstanding solution Liberty provides through our classical Christian approach. Our desire is to see Liberty grow and expand while providing an educational and spiritual lifeline to those families who so desperately need it by expanding the reach of Liberty through our Liberty Classical Academy Program (which will multiply the school) in the future.

Education America: Save the Classroom, Save the Country. Tune in for our first relaunch show on Saturday, April 17th at 6 p.m. on AM1280 The Patriot and share broadly with your friends and family!