Preschool & Pre-K Extended Day Program

Liberty Classical Academy

Preschool Extended Day Program 2023–2024 – Hugo Campus

To ease your busy schedules, we are pleased to offer a Preschool Extended Day care program, providing childcare before and after your child’s Preschool/Pre-K day on Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 5:30pm. The extended day program is available only to students that are enrolled in the Liberty Classical Academy Preschool program on their regular school day.

Families are asked to fill out an Extended Day Contract if they plan to have their Preschool child(ren) regularly attend.  Contracts are approved on a first come, first served basis until we reach capacity. Each family will be obligated to pay for contracted hours regardless of whether the student attends Extended Day for that given time. Contracted hours are charged at $6.00/hour per Preschool child and are billed in half-hour increments. (You will not be charged during Preschool hours, only the time before and after Preschool.)

Drop-in care is also available if arranged in advance at the rate of $7.00/hour. We can only accommodate a limited number of children, so you must verify that there is space on the day you wish to use drop-in care. Advance notice of 24 hours is greatly appreciated. Additionally, please be sure to purchase a hot lunch or send a lunch with your child if they plan to stay in the afternoon.

By clicking this link you will find the Extended Day Contract; please indicate which times you will need care provided each day.  Charges will be assessed a late fee of 5% per month if an invoice is unpaid past 30 days.

A new contract can only be filled out at the beginning of each semester. Should extenuating circumstances arise, other amendments to the Extended Day Contract must be submitted to, and approved by, the Childcare Director. Liberty reserves the right to revoke the privilege of Extended Day, if payments are not made on time. 

Please contact me with any question: Stacey Lape, Preschool and Childcare Director