2nd Grade Teacher at Liberty Classical Academy

Costa Rica. China. Austria. Italy. Germany. Azerbaijan. Indonesia. Singapore. Philippines. Australia. Kenya. East Minneapolis. White Bear Lake.

What do all of these places have in common?

They’re all places that Julie Holbrook, Liberty Classical’s new 2nd grade teacher, has ventured. She taught in Jakarta, Indonesia for three years. She spent time in Kenya at the Wildlife Preserve. She worked with missionaries in the Philippines (and acquired a love for Filipino food). She celebrated the New Year in Sydney, Australia. And the list goes on.

But when you talk to her, you quickly learn that she’s not mentioning these places…and all the other places she’s traveled and things she’s done…because of some need to validate herself or her credentials. Nor do you get the sense that she’s eager to impress with her stories. Instead, it’s simply an adventurous spirit that keeps her always willing to try new things.

One of those new things: Planting a church in East Minneapolis.

Another one: Teaching 2nd grade at Liberty Classical.

Julie is one of a few new teachers joining us at Liberty Classical this year. Her love for teaching and her passion for the classical method make her another amazing addition to an already amazing staff. When it comes to 2nd graders, she loves them because it’s the age when kids start to love reading. They start to think independently in new ways and join different ideas for the first time. It gives Julie the chance to connect kids to the world of possibilities that she herself loves to explore. She’s excited to see the kids in her classroom develop their own culture, one of belonging and family, one where they learn what makes one another tick and learn to work together.

Julie graduated from University of Northwestern with a degree in Elementary Education and is currently working toward a Master's in Elementary Education as well. She grew up here in the Twin Cities and is excited to be back again in Christian education, because teaching outside the context of Truth weakens education.

As we prepare for another exciting year of learning and living at Liberty Classical, we are excited to welcome an adventurer, a world-traveler, a passionate 2nd-grade advocate, mentor, and teacher...Julie Holbrook.

Welcome to Liberty Classical, Julie!