Caitlin Elkins

4th Grade Teacher at Liberty Classical

Liberty Classical is building lives that inspire. Maybe you’ve heard that before. But those aren’t just words on paper…or…screen. It’s not just a lofty hope. It’s real…and it’s happening. We’re doing it with the curriculum we’ve chosen and with the faith we’re driven by. We’re doing it by building thinkers and authors and friends and leaders. And most importantly, we’re doing it with the people we’re putting in the classrooms…with the teachers that are hand selected to guide our students to what’s possible.

Caitlin Elkins is brand new to Liberty Classical’s teaching staff, and is taking 4th graders on a journey toward discovery and inspiration.

Discovery and inspiration will not be difficult tasks for her. She’s not asking her 4th graders to do anything she herself hasn’t done…even recently. Just a few months ago, Mrs. Elkins had a different last name, a different address in a different state, a different church, a different job…and the list goes on.

Many of us grew up with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Mrs. Elkins would tell you that she has always wanted to have an impact on future generations. She wondered whether she’d become a dentist, a doctor, an artist, a teacher…any of those were options. Each would take commitment. Each would require drive and passion. Each would help people in their own way reach the full potential of who they are and all that they could become. But they weren’t all equal to her.

A Life Calling for Caitlin Elkins

There was a calling on her life. And as Mrs. Elkins said, “Teaching is a call that you can’t deny.”

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, starting work on a masters degree in elementary education, a June 3rd wedding to Chris, her high school sweetheart, and a honeymoon in Jamaica, Caitlin and her new husband packed up their lives in Little Rock and made the move to a new beginning in the Twin Cities. She decided to start the new adventure of marriage and moving, and a new adventure in teaching, by searching for a job where that desire to make a lasting impact would meet her love for education. On her search, she discovered Liberty Classical.

Caitlin Elkins - The Classroom

If you ask her what she wants her classroom to look like, that’s where you really start to understand the way she views her calling. She would tell you that she wants “a safe and encouraging place; where we’re a family, where we love and accept each other for who we are, a safe place to explore, to be wrong and to make mistakes and learn from them, a place to build citizens who participate in the world around them.”

Much more could be said. But the beauty of a school like Liberty Classical is that we get to watch change happen in front of our eyes. So perhaps the best way to summarize Caitlin Elkin’s view of teaching…why she’s chosen Liberty Classical as her new adventure…what she sees when she looks at her students…and just how seriously she takes her calling to lead by looking at the door to her classroom.

To the 4th graders who walk through the door of Mrs. Elkins classroom every day this year, they will discover…

Caitlin ElkinsWhen you enter this classroom…
You are Leaders
You are Important
You are Creators
You are Explorers
You are Scientists
You are Thinkers
You are Authors
You are a Friend
You are Readers
You are Loved
You are the Reason We are Here.”

Welcome to Liberty Classical Mrs. Elkins.