Why Does Band Start in 4th Grade?

Liberty Classical students start taking band in the fourth grade. It’s scripted into our students’ schedules and into teachers’ days. But why start it in fourth grade? Is there a reason behind this standard we’ve set?

What you’ll discover, the more time you spend with Liberty Classical, is that there is always a reason.

When most educators are calling an activity like band a pastime or an extracurricular activity, Liberty Classical is calling it essential. So when fourth graders pick up their clarinets, oboes, or saxophones for the first time, it’s something great…because these students aren’t just playing instruments.

When students start band, they’re learning to use a different part of their brain. They’re developing abstract reasoning skills. They’re learning and using math. They’re improving memory and cognition; developing coordination and the ability to collaborate with others. They’re building confidence; learning to achieve. They’re hearing beauty and then are being given tools to create it. They’re being given a foundation for learning that will stay with them their entire lives.

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Building Lives that Inspire at Liberty Classical

Learning an instrument is something more than building a concert band.

It’s building people; building lives that inspire.

And lives that inspire can think and reason. They comprehend the abstract and have sharp minds. They appreciate beauty. They are confident creators that work well with others.

Lives that inspire are more than performers in a classroom or on a stage. They are lives of virtue and purpose; lives of balance and resolve. They are well rounded and inspire people they meet with a desire for something truly great.

When our fourth graders pick up an instrument, they’re not just learning to play for a concert. They’re learning to live something truly exceptional.

Please join us for our Fine Arts Program on Thursday, May 18 at 7 PM in the gym.

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