We were recently blessed to have Liberty Classical Academy 2011 alumna Marisa Hubin provide us with an update on her life and activity since graduation from Liberty.

Marisa, please share your activities post-graduation from Liberty Classical Academy.

After graduating from LCA in the spring of 2011, that fall semester I began my undergraduate at Northwestern University in St. Paul. I pursued a degree in Intercultural Studies and gradated half a semester early in December 2014 (thank you LCA and PSEO)! During college I began work at ACR Homes and provided care for disabled adults in one of their group homes. In the spring of 2015 I married my best friend (and LCA classmate Jonathan Hubin). Currently, I work for ACR in the HR department at the main office.

Do you feel Liberty prepared you well for college/post-secondary education/work-force?

I would definitely say that LCA prepared me well for college and the work world. Projects I had in college and tasks that I complete at work on a day-to-day basis require excellent communication and presentation. Liberty definitely my ability to communicate effectively and professionally through class presentations, senior thesis, and even drama class!

Name one invaluable thing you received from Liberty Classical Academy.

I would say I gained a firm belief in thinking critically and a desire for understanding and defending truth. Both skills are highly applicable to life and so important in today’s world.

Describe a scenario where you can directly tie value of learning from Liberty.

College provided lots of opportunity for putting to use the value of critical thinking. Although Northwestern University is a Christian school, there are plenty of differing opinions on just about everything. Critical thinking provided me the ability to navigate through those opinions and to discern arguments worth pursuing or rejecting whether that be in the classroom or out and about on campus.

What are your future plans and goals?

I would like to continue in the business world and join a larger company to be part of an HR team. My goal is to learn as much as I can and advance in the company. My husband, Jonathan Hubin, and I would also like to have kids and continue our passion for outdoor activities.

Any good advice for current Liberty students?

Your education matters so take it seriously! If you can be well equipped now and can understand how to think critically and communicate effectively, it will serve you no matter where you go to college or even if you don’t. It will serve you for life!

We’re grateful for Marisa taking the time to update us on her life after graduating from Liberty. If you’d like to know more about Liberty Classical Academy, visit us at our next Open House or our upcoming All Access Tour.

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