We were blessed to have 2016 Liberty Classical Academy alum Charissa visit our campus during the Christmas break. We had the opportunity to ask her to brief us on her life in the Lone Star state.

How is life as a freshman at Dallas Baptist University (DBU) in Texas? Is it a similar atmosphere to Liberty?

It’s very similar to Liberty in that it’s a smaller, Christ-centered private college, family oriented and close-knit. They also have a focus on servant leadership.

We heard an interesting story about servant leadership, please tell us more.

During my first week at school, my college advisor hand picked me to be a candidate for the position as a DBU Social Ambassador. I was invited to a dinner reception with the Dean, administration and 50 other students. They wanted to get to know me and see how well I interacted socially with others. I’m proud to say that I was one of 13 students chosen from the freshman class to represent DBU, which basically means I promote DBU to prospective students.

Was that difficult?

No, it actually felt really natural and comfortable speaking with other adults and interacting with higher authority since I’ve been used to it, being in smaller classes at Liberty and getting to know my teachers.

Do you feel Liberty prepared you well for college?

Yes, I do.. I did really well in my English class with a 95 out of 100 in my argumentative essay! During the first week of class, we had to write a five-page diagnostic essay, so that our professor could see where our writing skills were. Everyone around me got really nervous about it and we only had 45-50 minutes to write the five-page essay with no way of preparing for it, as he wanted to give us the prompt same day of the assignment. Unfortunately, a lot of people did not do well on it, but for me I was used to this type of writing since it was similar to a Liberty high school final. Although I didn’t have time to write an outline, I did go through all the steps of writing and remembered what I had learned–in Mrs. Struck’s class–and then applied it!

Wow, that’s great! What will be your college major and plans for the future?

I hope to major in business and either a double major or minor in Intercultural Studies. My goal, God willing, is to become a missionary and create my own business focused on job creation for the people in third world countries and use that as my ministry.

Congratulations on a great start at DBU, Charissa! We are so proud of you and the young woman you are becoming. The future looks bright for this young Liberty grad.