Catching up with Ben Leone

We were recently blessed to have Liberty Classical Academy alumnus Ben Leone share about his life and activity since graduation from Liberty in 2009.

Please share your activities post-graduation from Liberty Classical Academy.

I spent five years getting my B.S. degree in Music Performance for Drums from North Central University (Minneapolis). There I met my incredible wife Gabby Leone. Immediately following graduation, I got a job as a music and youth pastor at Falls Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, while Gabby finished her Social Work degree. In the spring of 2016, Gabby and I took two months off to travel through Europe, connecting with friends and family. God brought us back to Minnesota where we just had our first child, Etta Leone, and I am working as a Site Director at YMCA Woodbury as well as a part-time worship pastor at Liberty Church.

Do you feel Liberty prepared you well for college/post-secondary education/work-force?

LCA’s training in critical thinking has absolutely given me tools to be an effective employee, friend, husband, and now dad who can problem solve both creatively and logically.

Name one invaluable thing you received from Liberty Classical Academy.

I received the support and belief of fantastic teachers. I remember having moments of frustration that were met with communication that validated and reminded me of my worth and ability to achieve great things.

Describe a scenario where you can directly tie value of learning from Liberty.

Liberty watered my mindset that without growth, all things eventually wither or become stagnant. I still teach music lessons weekly and love seeing students flourish with new ideas.

What are your future plans and goals?

God has placed a few things on Gabby’s and my heart. I am excited to use whatever workplace God gives me as a mission field to love those who are hurting and need a nudge towards God. Gabby and I are passionate about building a community in the east of the Twin Cities. I’m not sure what the future holds for me as far as employment, but I know that I am passionate about building leaders, in whatever capacity that looks like.

Any good advice for current Liberty students?

Place yourself under people who have been around longer than you. Don’t miss out on the wisdom and perspectives of others in your pursuit of knowledge for yourself or you’ll miss out.

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