How Stories Are Part of Our Mission

The greatest stories are the ones you get to watch unfold before you. Whether they’re stories of undaunted perseverance, courageous leadership, or unending love, the best stories make you realize that you were meant for more while also helping go after what’s available to you.

Stories, after all, are how we come back to what’s most important to us. They don’t just remind us of our values, they make us feel them again. They give us hope that we can do better, that we can be better. Stories turn ideas into reality and give us the boldness to believe in something greater.

Did you know that 75% of Liberty’s operating costs are covered with tuition dollars? 75%. That means that 25% of it comes from the hard work and tenacious efforts of people like Sam Hegseth and her team. It means that 25% comes from the generosity of Liberty families; the generosity of grandparents, business leaders, and everyday people who give sacrificially of their resources to help make Liberty all that it can be. The money that’s raised, the work that’s done, is ultimately all helping write stories.

Some Stories of Quiet Leadership

There’s a teacher here at Liberty who, when praying for the students in her classroom, actually gets down onto her knees in prayer…right there in the classroom. The place from which she prays is utter and complete dependence on God. And the faith and humble dependence that she exemplifies is reaching the hearts and minds of the students she’s teaching.

There’s another teacher here who works tirelessly to make sure her students discover ways to believe in themselves. She helps them win, even when the struggles they have in learning make them wonder if they have what it takes. But what she does, and the way she does it, builds their confidence by helping see the beauty in how God made them. She’s breathing life into every student by helping each student know the God who made them.

And there are many more we could tell.

Stories that Last

The goal of a Liberty Classical education is bigger than diplomas. You’ve heard that before. You’ve read it and talked about it if you’ve been part of Liberty for any amount of time. It’s a conversation that happens at our open houses and at our graduation ceremonies. It’s something we say a lot.

But we don’t just want to say it with our words. We want to say it with stories of real people in real life: Stories about huge victories. Stories about overcoming challenges and the beauty of perseverance. Stories that inspire people to discover greatness by pursuing Truth. Stories that give hope and light in a world so riddled with fear and shadows.

We want to tell the stories that we’ve already compiled over the past 15 years - Not with our words so much, but with the lives of our graduates, our students, our teachers, and our staff. And we want to write a million more of them. We want Liberty to be a place that helps students and families write their own stories of victory, purpose, direction, and excellence. We want to connect young people with the vision of themselves that God has for them, and then we want to watch the story they tell.

Ultimately, it is more than something academic here at Liberty Classical, and we are excited about the work we’re doing.

Thank you for your partnership with us…

  • For sending your students to Liberty Classical Academy and trusting us to partner with you in training your children.
  • For faithfully volunteering and giving of your time and energy to make our field trips successful, our teacher’s feel appreciated, our events be exciting, and our school feel alive.
  • For your generosity, with the annual scholarship fundraiser, year-end giving, and so many other efforts that you contribute to so that the 25% is covered and our school can continue to grow.
  • For your prayers, in supporting us not only in our upcoming 52-days, but throughout the year!

And the list goes on…

We are thankful for the stories we’re hearing, the stories we’re watching, and the stories we’re creating here at Liberty Classical Academy.

May you be blessed greatly this Christmas season, and may the story of Christmas, and His incomprehensible but calming love for us, be more real to you this year than you’ve ever felt before.