Making It a Fun, Full Summer

This was, perhaps, the most anti-climactic last day of school in our history…and maybe in human history. No water gun fights. No field day relays or bounce houses. No senior pranks. No end of year picnics or non-uniform days. The shelter-in-place order turned an obscure pre-spring-break Friday in March into the last day of school. And now, as summer kicks off, many of our kids feel like they’ve been on break for a few months already.

So what do we do with our families this summer?

2020 has already been a year like none other, and this summer appears to be keeping that same trend. We’ve had social minimalism thrust upon us. We’ve been isolated, been creative, been overwhelmed, and been flexible. Even as things lighten up regarding restrictions, we’re still not out of the woods with thinking about and talking about the pandemic. It’s still here, and we still have to live in the reality of it. We’ve gone through our lists of “Creative Things To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine” and we’ve done our best to find a new normal that doesn’t involve total anarchy in our homes.

This summer, we hope to provide you with some resources and tools that will keep you connected to your kids without feeling like you have to build out a curriculum for them. We want to help you find the balance you need between form and freedom for your kids’ summer. And we want you to remember that you’re not alone.

Reimagining Media

When you have a moment, take a look at This resource, created by Common Sense Media provides a creative way to engage kids with technology. So when your kids ask, “Can I watch a show?” you can reply with, “I have a better idea.” From cooking classes to learning to tie knots, reading comprehension, and mind-bending riddles, Wide Open School allows you to help your kids with practical life skills and personal and academic development. It’s fun. It’s engaging. And it’s something you can give them that doesn’t waste their summer or the real estate between their ears.

Before you set your kids free in the wild west of technology, be sure you set up the boundaries and structure to keep them safe. Try the Protect Young Eyes tool. 

Above is just one example of the resources worth discovering that are available to you. The monkey-wrench that has been thrown into all of our lives has required a lot from you, and the summer has just begun. So stay tuned for more fun family resources and tips as our summer continues.