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Don’t Ask a Fish 

by AJ Hofstetter

The environment we’re in has a massive impact on who we are, how we experience difficulties, and how we face challenges. The people we surround ourselves will shape what we value, what we pursue, and what we accomplish. It’s an offshoot of the Jim Rohn quote that says,

          “You are an average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”

That’s a pretty compelling challenge to surround ourselves with good people. We need friends who will model character, drive, integrity, faith, and balance for us. We need people who will challenge us, inspire us, and not let us settle for mediocrity. If bad company corrupts good character, good company must have some benefits. 

But it goes deeper than the people we know. It’s a conversation about environments. Perhaps a better, more descriptive quote to illustrate my point is the Chinese proverb that says, 

          “If you want to know what ‘wet’ is, don’t ask the fish.” 

The people we spend our time with…The environment we spend our time in…The things we spend our time on: These shape who we are, what we value, where we go, why we go there, and what we understand to be true about ourselves, about God, and about the world around us. It also significantly impacts our understanding of our role in the world. Our environment—the big things and the subtle, not-so-obvious things—is made up of a million things that we may or may not notice but have a tremendous impact on our lives. 

Living and Learning at Liberty - 

In each classroom and in each activity; in each policy discussion and in each academic training; in chance encounters in the hallways and in mentor lunches: Within the four walls of Liberty Classical Academy is an environment that believes that education should produce quality individuals — not just a quality GPA. It’s also an environment that believes that faith in our living God isn’t a bucket we fill for our students but a fire that starts in them. 

And so, the environment in which our kids are learning and living at Liberty is full of all sorts of stories about what kind of school this really is. 

Did you know…

Mr. Hann, Mr. Vaala, Mr. Struck and Mr. Marti are all participating in Movember to show support for the senior boys by shaving their beards and growing facial hair to spotlight men’s health. 

Middle school and upper school teachers have been stepping in to cover for each other and teach classes due to sickness. They’re sharing the burden of teaching—and the burden of sickness—for each other!  

The student council led the Operation Christmas Child packing party on Monday, November 11th. It was a huge success and brought our students together to share a goal, make an impact, and spend time together serving someone else. 

The Valentine family attended Liberty for only 8 weeks. In that short time, their 5th grade daughter built lifelong friendships. They gave a going away party for her, wrote her special notes, and she remains friends (and pen pals!) with her short-time classmates to this day! 

And the stories continue. Stories of families carrying each other through difficult seasons. Stories of staff people going above and beyond because of their love for students. Stories of kids needing a place to belong. Stories of faith, hope, and love. Stories of impact and friendship. 

The environment in which our kids learn and live has a massive impact on them and how they’ll engage the world around them and the world that’s ahead of them. 

The environment at Liberty Classical Academy isn’t a perfect one. But it’s a good one. It’s full of a staff and volunteers who believe that a life shaped by the love of God is unstoppable. It’s full of friendships and stories and shared values and common goals. And it’s full of teachers who do what they do for something intangible…at least on this side of things. 

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