Choosing a Christian School in the Twin Cities (part 3)

Making the Choice

If your family is talking seriously about Christian school options in the Twin Cities, we’ve done our best to help you have the right conversation about your next steps. Knowing what you should be looking for and what some indicators are of a well-rounded, enriching education are the first step to making the right choice. The choice you make in a school is ultimately about partnership. The school that you choose will be where your child spends most of their time for 9 months out of the year. 

As we wrap up our discussion about what kinds of things to look for and what kinds of questions to ask when looking for the right school, consider the topics we discussed these last couple weeks.

  • Faith and Learning: Is the Bible a topic that is discussed or a lens through which all the world is viewed and understood? 
  • Academic Readiness: Is education about filling a child’s head with information or inspiring a child’s life with dreams, opportunities, and vision? 
  • Community & Culture: What is the atmosphere of the school you’re considering and does it support your family’s values? 
  • Character & Personal Development: How is the school invested in the whole person and not just academic performance? 
  • Arts & Athletics: Are the arts and athletics offered? Required? Are they seen as an essential piece of academic and personal development? 
  • Safety & Security: Does the school enact security and emergency response measures that are strategic and effective?  

Schedule a Visit

Before you can truly know if the school you’re considering should be the school you’re deciding on, you need to see it. You need to experience it if you’re ever going to know if what you’ve read online or heard from others resonates with what you will experience. 

For Your Child

Your child needs to experience the classrooms, the culture, and the curriculum of a school. They need to see the teachers at work. They need to become a part of the school and culture- even if just for a few hours - in order to know whether it’s the right fit. And after they visit, help them process their visit. What did they like? What did they not like? Is the school a place they can picture themselves? 

For You

The decision you make for your child’s education is ultimately about trust. You’re choosing a school that most closely aligns with what you value as a family, and with the trajectory you want to set for your children. A visit to the school will allow you to be immersed in the community and the culture. It will allow you to ask questions, to observe teacher interactions with students, and to discover what words on a website can’t capture. 

Taking the Next Steps

The right school for your children - and for your family - is much more than an academic decision. As you consider the Christian schools throughout the Twin Cities, do your homework. Learn who they are and what kinds of students they want to produce. As you come to understand the school’s perspectives on academics, the Bible, and community, you’ll be able to measure it’s connection to your own family’s culture. 

And then you’ll be equipped to make the important decision about your child’s education.