Please Read to Your Children

Classroom Reading Proficiency Last month, a high school English teacher in the Twin Cities wrote a startling commentary in the Star Tribune about the level of reading proficiency in her classroom. It is important to note that she teaches at an acclaimed school whose district includes suburbs south of the Twin Cities. Her name is…

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Technology’s Role in the Classroom Continues to Make Headlines

An increasingly automated society has led to the rapid integration of technology in the classroom, and the debate rages on as to whether or not this change will have a positive impact on learning. Understandably, parents want to know if their children will be groomed to keep up with today’s technological advancements. More and more…

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Science Comes to Life for Liberty Students at Valleyfair

Every year, Liberty’s eighth grade class goes on a field trip to Valleyfair—Minnesota’s premiere amusement park—to participate in its annual “Physics and Science Day.” The field trip gives students the opportunity to enjoy the rides as well as study the engineering and science behind each ride. This unique perspective of the park enables students to…

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