The Catalyst Campaign is named in recognition of the opportunity before us. With the funds raised, we will further prepare both the St. Pius and Hugo Liberty campuses so that they may fully represent the distinction in education, faith, and community that Liberty Classical Academy has so boldly established.

The momentum of this expansion to two campuses gives us a powerful opportunity to unleash our full potential as Christian educators of excellence. The expansion will be a catalyst to growth— in numbers, in programming, and in influence.

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Where We’ve Been

Founded by the dream that exceptional academics could also be thoroughly Christian, Liberty Classical Academy opened in 2003 with 28 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. That year, more than half the staff–including some teachers–served without a salary...

Where We’re Going

With growth on the rise, and only getting stronger in the aftermath of the pandemic, facility needs quickly became a top priority. A facilities team was formed in February of 2021 and tasked with providing solutions to accommodate growth...

Liberty Students in St. Pius Gymnasium

Catalyst Campaign Objectives

Hugo Campus: Playground

Outdoor activity is an important part of our classical, Christian program for their social, emotional, and physical well-being. We want our students to run, play, unwind, explore, and imagine! There is currently not a playground at
the Hugo campus. Contribute to a new Elementary Playground!

Total Cost of the New Playground: $110,000

Click to give any amount to the Hugo Campus: Playground


Hugo Campus: Library Furnishings

We want the Liberty's library to be a warm, inviting, and comfortable place for our students with cozy spaces that foster an environment of effortless wonder and imagination.

Reading Chair: 4 @ $500

Total Cost of the Library Furnishings: $2000

Click to give any amount to the Hugo Campus: Library Furnishings


Hugo Campus: Teacher Set Up & School Furnishings

It is without a doubt that our teachers are at the center of the Liberty experience. Please help us provide them with fully-equipped classrooms to ensure they are best prepared to teach our students!

Teacher Desk: 9 @ $600
Teacher Desk Chair: 9 @ $400
Teacher Desk Lamp: 9 @ $100
Classroom American Flag: 9 @ $200
Teacher Reading Chair: 9 @ $500
Liberty Blanket for Classroom: 9 @ $75
Student Desk: 60 @ $250
Student Chair: 60 @ $100
Cafeteria Table: 8 @ $1,000
Little Lions Crib: 4 @ $400

Total Cost of Teacher Set Up & School Furnishings: $47,475

Click to give any amount to the Hugo Campus: Teacher Set Up


St.Pius X Campus: Upper School Lounge

Much of the Liberty Classical experience for our upper school students revolves around community. The Upper School lounge will be equipped with games, food, drinks, and café style furnishings and seating.

Coffee Maker: $150
Ping Pong Table: $400
Board Game: $200
Microwave: $150
High Top Table and Stool: $1,200
Snack Shack Locker: 2 @ $200
Sofa: 2 @ $1,000
Refrigerator: 1 @ $400

Total Cost of the Upper School Lounge: $4,900

Click to give any amount to the Upper School Lounge


St. Pius X Campus: Teacher Set Up

Classrooms at our White Bear Lake campus will also see changes. Much like the teacher needs outlined in Hugo, let’s give our existing property the furniture and equipment in classrooms that our teachers need to best do their job.

Storage unite for 8 Classrooms and Staff Lounge: 20 @ $300
Teacher Desk: 9 @ $600
Teacher Desk Chair: 9 @ $500
Teacher Desk Lamp: 9 @ $100
Teacher Reading Chair: 9 @ $500
Liberty Blankets for Classroom: 9 @ $75

Total Cost of SPX Teacher Set up: $8,400

Click to give any amount to the SPX: Teacher Set Up


Hugo Campus: Art Room

At the heart of a Liberty education is a deep appreciation for the arts. From supplies to classroom layout, we are asking for help providing the resources needed for an art room that is well-equipped to teach Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Drawing and Painting Supplies: 2 @ $1,000
Paper Goods: 2 @ $1,000
Art Table: 6 @ $400
Chair: 20 @ $100

Total Cost of Art Room Supplies: $8,400

Click to give any amount to the Hugo Campus: Art Room


St.Pius X Campus: Athletics Upgrades

We plan to brand the Liberty gymnasium and athletics department with signage and equipment such as a Home/Away scoreboard, sound system, and basketball shot clock.

Scoreboard: 2 @ $8,000
Shot Clock: 2 @ $5,000
Gym Sound System: 1 @ $4,000

Total Cost of the Athletics Upgrades: $30,000

Click to give any amount to the SPX: Athletics Upgrades


St. Pius X Campus: Updated Outdoor Experience

Because outdoor activity is a treasured part of student life, we want to expand our students’ experiences at school, giving older students more opportunities for fun, competition, and joy. Additions to the existing playground will focus
on middle and upper school students and will include things such as new basketball hoops and an outdoor eating area.

Total Cost of the Outdoors Updates: $6,000

Click to give any amount to the SPX: Updated Outdoor Experience



Help us make these facilities spectacular!

Liberty Classical Academy is an independent school and a 501c3 non-profit organization. Liberty does not rely on state or federal government funding and is not affiliated with any church and thus does not receive congregational or denominational funding or subsidies. Financial independence is one of Liberty's significant operational challenges yet it has also proven to be an important strength. Because of this, Liberty has the freedom to operate independently; we are free to utilize the proprietary, K-12 Liberty Classical Academy curriculum with no strings attached. This freedom and autonomy supports the principles of our school and becomes more essential by the day.

Please email or call 651-772-2777 and ask for the Development Department.