Butter Braid Fundraiser for Parent Connect

Liberty Parent Connect is kicking off its annual Butter Braid fundraiser! Butter Braids come frozen and are perfect for any breakfast holiday gathering.

Butter Braid Kick-off: Friday, October 4th
Turn in the Forms and Money: To the office the week of Monday, October 28th-Friday, November 1st
Sale Ends: Friday, November 1st
Butter Braid Pick-up: Monday, November 18th, at the “H” Door Ramp, at afternoon pick-up; arrangements will be made for After Care families and out of town families.

How to Sell: Online ordering and/or hardcopy order forms.

Online ordering is now available. To participate:
1. The seller (NOT the buyer) emails Andrea Heikkinen (andrea.heikkinen@yahoo.com). She needs your email address to set up your online store.
2. Seller will receive a unique website link to their online store when it is set up.
3. Seller shares the link with their buyers to order with credit card.
4. Seller can monitor their online sales by going to their website and clicking “See Supporters”.
5. Seller will receive a printed report including all orders (both online and cash) at delivery/pick-up.
6. All orders are picked up by the seller on November 18th as noted above. Online orders are NOT shipped directly to buyers.

Hardcopy order forms:
1. DO NOT include online orders on the hardcopy order form. These are orders only paid for with cash or check.
2. Personal checks must be made out to Liberty Classical Academy.
3. Please double check the money you receive and make sure it matches up with the orders.
4. Make sure that a Butter Braid choice is made on the order form with each order.
5. Make sure your first and last name (the seller) is on the form at the top.

Please ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to support your child and our school by purchasing these delicious Butter Braid pastry delights!