An Educational System that Works

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Educational Choices in the Twin Cities

When it comes to education, the Twin Cities is full of options: public, private, parochial, online, home. Open enrollment gives families more options with public schools in their area. PSEO gives high schoolers a head start on college and gives parents a break on the ever-increasing costs of college tuition. Private school gives kids specialized attention and greater opportunities to develop specific areas of passion. Christian education lets families reinforce the fundamentals of their faith even when their kids are gone for the day. Homeschooling lets families structure their lives and learning around the values and culture of the home. The options are just about limitless, and the choices we make in education have tremendous implications. 

The choice that you make for education will ultimately affect the culture of your home. In the most practical sense, your choice will give your kids material for dinnertime conversations. What they’re observing, how they’re interacting with the material, and what’s deemed important will all be shaped by their schooling. In a much deeper sense, your children’s character and values will be shaped by what they’re learning, by how they’re learning it, and by the people, they’re learning from. 

A System that Works

At Liberty Classical Academy, you’ll discover a system of education that works for families. 


It’s classical, which means that our kids are in a structure of learning that aligns with where they are developmentally. This structure is called the Trivium. The first component of the Trivium, the Grammar phase, runs from 1st through 5th grade. It’s where they learn the fundamental rules of learning, where the basics become part of their language and habits. It happens through memorization...through rhyming and repetition. Through songs and play. They learn the rules while engaging their imaginations and creativity inside the classroom and the outdoors. Phase 2, Logic, gives students in grades 6-8 the structure for debate and discussion, teaching them to apply the rules of grammar in the way they communicate. The final phase, Rhetoric, synthesizes the rules and structure that students have learned. From 9th-12th grade, students are applying what they’ve learned in the most practical ways. They’re formulating arguments. They’re using reason to assess and defend. The Trivium is one of the biggest distinctions of classical education over other expressions of education, and it gives students the tools that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 


Liberty Classical is also Christian. C.S. Lewis once said that he believes in Christianity as he believes in the sun...not because he sees it, but because by it, he sees everything else. The Christian context for learning and living gives us a lens through which we view the world. It gives clarity and direction. It speaks to order and reason. And it speaks to the higher purpose of learning, beyond credentials or requirements. It’s where we see how Truth equips us to live out what is true, good, and beautiful. 


Liberty is also highly academic. It’s a challenging program, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible or elitist. Still, our curriculum’s depth and pace mean that students are challenged to rise above their doubts and push themselves beyond what they think they’re capable of. 

The point is that Liberty is more than just a private school, a classical school, an alternative to public school, or a Christian school. 

A Different Choice in Education

There’s a quote that some attribute to William Butler Yeats. Some to Plutarch. And some probably to Winston Churchill (just because he gets credit for all the good quotes). The quote goes something like this: “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” 

Education at Liberty Classical ignites something in its students. It seeks to ignite the passion within them for something bigger. 

It’s ultimately not about meeting the requirements of an accredited education or granting of a diploma. Those are peripheral. A Liberty Classical education, within the many options of private, Christian education around the Twin Cities, gives families something that works with them and for them. It’s more than grades or performance in class or on stage. It’s capturing hearts for something true, good, and beautiful. It’s equipping young people to speak intelligently and to lead boldly. It’s giving them freedom to question and create.

For each family who makes Liberty Classical their choice, they’ll discover that learning is more than a letter on an assignment and it’s more than a name on a diploma. It’s about building a stronger community. It’s about building the culture of the Twin Cities and our homes with better conversations and a better standard for living and learning. It’s about building lives that our students and in every single person that our students influence over the course of their lives.