A Letter from Mr. Woernle, our Assistant Headmaster

Dear Liberty Community,

I often get asked what makes Liberty Classical Academy different from other Christian Schools and Private Schools in the Twin Cities. Even though we have excellent academics and indeed emphasize educational excellence as one of our Body of Values, I would like to consider some other distinctives since many other private schools like to boast about academic metrics. I would assert that there are three things that make LCA distinct from other Christian and private schools.

First, all of our classes are taught from a classical perspective and a Christian worldview. It is important to understand that all truth is God’s truth and integrated in a wonderful, harmonious way. Subjects are not meant to be isolated from one another and devoid of a biblical framework. This enables students to see the unity in diversity that so many pagan philosophers have struggled with over the centuries. Learning to see the harmony in what we study shapes our perception of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom and therefore how we see truth, goodness, and beauty.


Second, the teachers at Liberty Classical embrace their role as partners in your child's education and development. They understand that they are to be not only leaders in their classrooms but also servants. Our teachers learn, appreciate and encourage the unique gifts, talents, and personality God has given to each individual student. This enables our teachers to tap into the potential of each student.

Third, Liberty Classical is a family. We understand that not every student at Liberty is a Christian but every student is encouraged “to know Christ and to make Him known.” A healthy, Christ-centered culture is essential for true learning to take place. Modeling Christian values in the home, at school and at church helps to stabilize a student’s environment. Students will be most motivated to learn when they feel safe and secure while concurrently having peers with similar values and ethics.

Liberty is a unique place that takes seriously its partnership with families. While it is relatively easy to assert these things that make us distinct on paper, it is a wholly different thing to model them in the halls, classrooms, and offices of a school. This is what makes us exceptional--it can be observed and felt. May the Lord continue to preserve this school to transform students into classically educated children that are moral leaders impacting the culture for Christ.


Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum,

(May the peace of the Lord be with you always)

Eric Woernle, Ed.S.