52 Days of Prayer: What to Pray and How

52 Days of Prayer: What to Pray and How to Do It

If you were at last Friday’s Christmas program, you heard Mrs. Rebekah Hagstrom talk about the prayer effort we’re making as a community. For 52 days, we’re committing ourselves to pray for our school. 

As she shared her thoughts, she made the statement: “We believe in the power of prayer.” We’ve seen God answer many prayers for us throughout the years. From the initial dream to start a school to bringing our Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School all together under one roof; from enrollment growth to financial resources and amazing faculty, God has faithfully provided for us each step of the way. And as our school has grown over the years, so has our dependence on Him. 


And That’s Why We Pray!

There are 5 specific things we’re focusing on this year as we enter into this season of prayer. 

  • Students to find their identity in Christ
  • Students to grow in independence and resiliency as they move up the grades
  • Clear direction and provision for future facility needs
  • Increased fundraising for facilities and programming
  • Increased awareness of Liberty and its transformational education


So What Do You Do When It’s Your Day to Pray?

Our goals in prayer aren’t just to ask God for things. It’s to establish a posture before Him; a position of dependence and worship. 

So when it’s your time to pray, don’t worry about praying around the clock, repeating the list of prayer requests over and over. Don’t struggle for words to say or feel obligated to stick to a script. Instead, consider that your purpose in prayer for Liberty Classical is simply to intercede on behalf of the school, with a posture of dependence on God; with praise for who He is and gratitude for what He’s done. Your day to pray is not about saying things perfectly or saying them enough times or in the right order. 

It’s about listening. It’s about being still and letting God show you who He is. 

Your day to pray is your chance to interact with our loving God on behalf of our school. It’s where you can position your heart in humility before Him. It’s where you can tell Him He’s good, and deserving of more praise than human minds, hearts, and tongues could ever produce. It’s where you can, in the quietness of your own heart, knowing that God knows your heart and can understand far more than words can articulate, commit the school to Him and to His purposes. It’s acknowledging that even on our best day, our efforts are futile and worthless if He isn’t in all things, before all things, and holding all things together. 

We believe in the power of prayer not because of what God does but because of who God is. And as we join together for these 52 days, we’re acknowledging that He is the one we depend on; the One our hope is in. 

If you haven’t signed up for a day to pray, you can sign up here.