Why We Do What We Do: The Liberty Classical Academy Body of Values

Grandparents Day 2017

Have you ever asked yourself tough questions? What’s leading you? What do people see when they look into your life and how you live it? Are you consistent between who you say you are and how you live? Do the things that you say are most important to you come out in the individual decisions you make, in the way you spend your time or manage your relationships or money?

These questions point to the consistency between who someone says they are and how they live. While they are often discussed in reference to an individual’s character, they are rarely applied to organizations. Organizations talk about brand and marketing. They talk about mission and ethos. They talk about strategic vision and plans for expansion and growth. But true and honest self-assessment is rare in most organizations.

The Liberty Classical Academy Body of Values

Schools have many different ways to structure themselves and measure their performance. State guidelines. Accreditations and affiliations. Licensing. Educational philosophies. Ideologies.

At Liberty Classical Academy, we have a little bit of all of those influences in place as we educate our students. But there is no standard that we hold to more seriously than our Body of Values.

We don’t do what we do because we are classical. We don’t do it because we are in Minnesota or because we are private or parochial or licensed, or accredited…

We do what we do because we are Liberty Classical Academy. We believe in what Liberty Classical stands for and the work we started more than 15 years ago. Our Body of Values defines our work, measures our progress, and directs our steps.

We want every one of our students, parents, grandparents, donors, faculty, staff, and partners to see consistency between the values you see detailed on our site and the activities you see in our hallways and classrooms. We want every assignment to reinforce these values and every experience to reflect them. We want our students to know them not as words on paper but as parts of their own story.

Whenever we are looking at adding programs, changing policies, or challenging norms, these values steer us. We talk with our parents whenever we consider starting a class with more than 20 students because we care about the value of educational excellence. We take a two-week spring break so that our upper school students can engage culture by going to Haiti. We challenge students to go beyond their comfort zone, to challenge themselves, and try new things because we believe that perseverance is a noble and worthwhile trait.

By making the Body of Values our standard for what happens inside our building, we are also making them the standard for what happens outside. The education a student receives inside our classrooms will be what they take into the world with them.

The context of learning today will become the context of living tomorrow.

The more our students learn within the context of courageous leadership, cultural engagement, biblical truth, etc., the more we’ll see them live it out when they’re working at Culver’s or applying to college or running for office. The more they learn within the context of Liberty’s Body of Values, the more they’ll reflect them in each decision they make.

So we encourage everybody in our community to get to know these values. Read the articles about each one of them that are found here.

And join us in what we’re doing at Liberty Classical Academy to build lives that inspire.