Why We Do What We Do: Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day 2017

At Liberty Classical, we want grandparents to feel proud when they see Liberty Classical’s influence in their grandchildren. That’s because from our very beginning, we’ve always believed that families are at the forefront of influencing and guiding their children.

Engaging the Whole Family

Perhaps one of the best things we can do for parents and grandparents when families start at Liberty Classical is prepare them for the type of education we offer. This requires commitment from families. We don’t isolate ourselves or our education from families. We don’t believe that we are working independently from them, instead, we believe that our students are more successful when their families engage with them in their learning. Education at Liberty Classical is a partnership between the school, the student, and the family. It requires buy-in from everyone.

Grandparents Day extends this invitation to partner in a unique way. It reminds grandparents that this is something they can be a part of. They have experience and wisdom. They have a different perspective on parenting and education. And so not only does this event allow them to see first hand what we do here, it also deepens the bonds within the family. It makes education something much bigger than a decision about a school or a quarterly report card.

Grandparents Day

Showing Them Something that Inspires

At Liberty Classical Academy, we want to build lives that inspire. We want every interaction a student has to ultimately produce something greater than a grade and richer than a credential. We want them to live lives that inspire. Whatever they choose to do, whichever direction they go, we want them to know the path of wisdom, virtue, and excellence. We want them to have an identity that is grounded and a future that is rich with possibilities. We’re academically rigorous. We’re culturally rich. And in many ways, we’re the opposite of what many schools are doing.

Whether our students become senators or statesmen matters little if they aren’t living lives of virtue and excellence. Because education is not just shaping minds. It’s building lives. And that’s why we want our grandparents to experience the uniqueness of Liberty Classical.

Giving Back to Them

Many of our grandparents help make it possible for their grandchildren to attend Liberty. Many give financially to their grandchildren’s tuition. They also help with pick-ups and drop-offs, attend basketball games, go to plays, speeches, fundraisers, events…and they do it all to support their families. We know this is a piece of our culture at Liberty Classical, and we think we’re better for it.

The events and activities that surround Grandparents Day at Liberty Classical Academy are bigger than a chance to say “Thank You!” to our grandparents, even though that’s certainly part of it. They’re also a chance to say, “Come in. Take a look. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a school that’s helping your grandchild live a life that inspires.”