Thriving in the Upper School

Why 9th-12th Grade at Liberty is the Right Next Step

Tonight is our 8th Grade Parent Information Night, and it’s not too late to make it part of your evening’s plan. As you consider how your 8th grader will transition from the Middle School schedule to the rigors of the Upper School, we want to do everything we can to set them—and you—up for success.

About this Evening’s 8th Grade Information Night

Mr. Martinez will lead the evening, helping you discover what the transition to Upper School will be like for you and your student. But it’s not just about the transition to Upper School. It’s about the richness of it.

You’ll hear from a current Upper School parent and student and from different Upper School teachers about the Rhetoric stage of learning. Rhetoric is the next extension of something called the Trivium, which is where students learn the right things at the right time. Find out about it here.

You’ll also hear from Dena Hinkle, our college counselor. She will talk about our unique college prep program and all that she does with students throughout their 4 years in our Upper School, including a college visit to some of our nation’s top schools.

From the Junior and Senior Thesis to the process of helping them transition into adulthood, Liberty Classical’s Upper School gives young people the physical, social, mental, and spiritual tools they need to succeed.

For More Information...

To find out more about Liberty’s Upper School, click here. To learn more about it by coming to tonight’s information session, find out more here.