Summer Camps at Liberty!

Summer is coming…despite Minnesota’s best efforts to tell us otherwise! With the end of the school year just days away and a long, sunny, fun-filled 3 months ahead, it’s time to think about summer plans.

Liberty Camps…Something for Everyone

The summertime gives our teachers, coaches, and staff the chance to focus some of their attention on other things they love doing. Anna Brooks is more than a Latin teacher. She is also a trained dancer who will be leading dance camps this summer. And Jonathan Vaala is more than a history buff. He’s also got game…and will be leading basketball camps for middle and upper school students.

And the list goes on...

From baseball to chess, from learning Spanish to performing as Elsa and Anna on the snow-covered slopes of Arendelle, summer camps at Liberty Classical will give students the chance to have a memorable summer…while also sharpening their skills.

Check out the full list of camps here.