Senior Thesis Night

Senior Thesis

Senior thesis night represents the culmination of a Liberty students' education—critical thinking, in-depth research skills, persuasive writing, and excellent presentation skills are all on display in this two hour event. Each student will present a 10-minute persuasive speech on a moral controversial topic, followed by a challenging 10 minutes of defending their thesis by a panel of judges in front of a live audience.

You will leave with a greater appreciation of the type of education your child is receiving at Liberty...and how we are building the next generation of moral leaders to lead, serve, and inspire.


Monday, May 21, 2017
6:00 - 8:30 PM
Liberty Classical Academy
3878 Highland Ave.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Senior Topics

The USA Tax Code - Noah Koska

The USA should implement a flat tax as its Federal Income Tax code because it solves many problems the current system creates and ultimately uplifts the country, economy, and individuals.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation Programs - Heather Cormier

Prisons in the USA should utilize faith-based rehabilitation programs because it reduces repeat crimes, makes prisons safer, increases post-prison productivity, and a host of other benefits to society and culture.

Physician Assisted Suicide - Ross Pearson

Minnesota should legalize Physician Assisted Suicide, or Agathanasia, because it allows patients to pursue that option when it is justified.

Planned Parenthood - Angelica Moe

The USA government should discontinue funding Planned Parenthood because it is a harmful and corrupt organization.

The Economics of Advanced Automation - Peter Klarr

Advanced, computerized automation is fundamentally changing the economy and labor market because of the radical way it replaces human effort and abilities.

Panel of Judges

Renee Carlson

A former criminal prosecutor, Renee started Carlson Law, PLLC, to assist nonprofits, churches, private schools, businesses, and adoptive parents. She is also a consultant and speaker on religious liberty, a Blackstone Legal Fellow, Allied Attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, a founding board member of the North Star Law and Policy Center, and an attorney for Privacy Matters v. U.S. DOE, and Telescope Media Group v. Lindsey. A California native and UCLA grad, Renee enjoys spending time with her family, wakeboarding, and all things sports.

Brandon Carmack

Brandon received his degree in Political Economy from Hillsdale College. He worked for many years in the banking industry and has employed his sales acumen in several companies; started his own luxury coffee company in 2017, Muso Coffee; and in 2012 he ran for the House of Representatives in St. Paul--as a Republican. Today, Brandon has followed God's lead into the law profession. He has just completed his first year of law studies at Mitchell Hamline, where he has become the leader for the conservative lawyer club: The Warren Burger Society. In tandem with law school, Sun Country has hired Brandon as their Legal and Government Relations Intern. Brandon currently enjoys living in Chanhassen Minnesota with his wife, Jessica, and daughter, Madison.

Howard Root

A retired CEO of Vascular Solutions, Howard started Vascular Solutions in 1997. Over its 20 years, Vascular Solutions created, developed and launched over 100 new medical devices that are used daily to improve the lives of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, with over 650 employees and $1 billion in total sales. In 2011 the federal government threatened to destroy his company and put Howard behind bars. Howard's book is the quintessential tale of government overreach and the DOJ culture that distorts voluminous federal regulations to manufacture criminal charges against companies, officers and their employees.

A special thank you to the mentors and judges for your time, resources and support of our Liberty students!